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Today, September 21, 2017 the Lord says...

Jesus is Your Peace

As you focus your attention onto Me, I will keep you in peace, says the LORD.  Do not focus on the things around you that are troubling, for there will always be new situations and more troubles that follow. They will keep you from enjoying My presence as you are always problem solving and distracted. Focus on Me and Let me be the One to direct you and keep you steady. For problems and issues are not your life. I AM. I Am a constant and not a variable. Things change. People change. New situations will come and go continually. But I NEVER CHANGE. As you learn to lean on Me and trust in Me at all times, then you will be content even when nothing seems to go well. For you will KNOW that I DO ALL THINGS well and I will be your stability in these uncertain times, says the LORD.    You can be sure that I Am with you always to give you success, bring you through the unexpected storms, and give you peace even when nothing around you is peaceful, says the Lord.   Trust that I will help you always. I Am your friend that sticks with you when no one else will. I will comfort you when you have NO OTHER comforter. You can lean on Me when there is no one to lean on, and you can depend upon My goodness and mercy. You can depend upon My attentiveness to you. For when others roll their eyes and are not listening to you, I will. I DO. I have, and you can KNOW that I am trustworthy, attentive and with you always to lead and guide you with My counsel that will always work for good for you, says the LORD.

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Author: June Reinke


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