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Today, September 21, 2017 the Lord says...

Am I Trusting God

Trust in Me

Do not put your trust in your own inferior feelings and thoughts, says the LORD, for they will betray you if you focus on them. Come up higher, and I will give you a fresh perspective. For My thoughts and ways are higher than yours and not limited to the boundaries of any man. I Am unlimited in space and time. Nothing is impossible. Believe in My limitless power, and KNOW that My resources are without end. Come up higher and see what I want you to see. Hear what I Am speaking, and know that I Am the Almighty God in the midst of you, Who does all things well, always, says the LORD.

I have much more for you than your present vision, and I will expand you and give you new sight as you ascend into My presence and glory and see the vast fields that are ripe for harvest, says the LORD. Hear the command of My voice that is sending you forth to reap. For the harvest is plentiful and the labors are few. It is not talk that will bring in the harvest, but work. My Word is not just speech, but I actively perform it. Actively engage in My field as I send you, not to speak a dead Word, but a working and living one that takes action and engages in the harvest that is ripe and ready for reaping, says the LORD.

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Author: June Reinke


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