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Today, September 21, 2017 the Lord says...

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Quiet Rest

I will calm your fears and give you tranquility as you come into the secret place and find rest in Me, says the Lord. You need not be unsettled by the things that you do not understand and the unanswered questions you have.  For I will give you My wisdom and counsel and open the eyes of your understanding so that you can see the path that I will light before you and be able to know the next step that I order for you.  You do not have to see everything that lies ahead in order to have My peace.  Trust that I will order each new step you are to take and I will help you to make the right decisions.  For as you depend upon My infinite understanding, you will know that My counsel will never fail you, says the Lord.

You do not have to figure everything out ahead of time, for I want you to trust in Me., says the LORD.   I Am your director, and I will never lead you into a trap or confuse you.  I will guide you continually and be your companion and help. You are safe in Me.  I will secure you and be your stability always.  Learn to rest and be settled in Me.  For I have brought you safely through every difficulty you have faced in the past, and you are not a failure to thrive.  I will keep you night and day, and you will not be vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy, but will be under the shelter of My wings as you abide with Me in the secret place.  All is well and it will be well with you, says the Lord.

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Author: June Reinke


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