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Today, September 23, 2017 the Lord says...

Go Deeper in God's Spirit

Deeper, deeper, deeper, says the LORD.  Let your roots go down deeper in My Kingdom and My presence and My glory.  For you will go higher as you go deeper in Me.  Let that which is not seen support that which will be. For the deeper you go in Me, the higher you will ascend.  Come into the secret place and spend time with Me, where I will download into you the things you will need for that which will come.  Let your heart be knit with Mine. Let your mind be filled with My thoughts. Let your heart be filled with My heart, and your spirit filled with My Holy Spirit.  As you fellowship with Me in secret, you will become rooted and grounded in Me for the new level that you will ascend to in My kingdom, and you will be prepared for that which will be openly manifest in My tangible glory that will be seen on you, says the LORD. I have much to give you that you have not yet experienced, as you abandon yourself to Me and seek My face diligently, says the LORD.  I want all of your heart so that you will be free of your own agenda and inferior desires. Pour out your heart onto Me, and empty yourself in My presence so that I can fill you with the new.  For what I have for you will take you beyond any place you have been, and what I will do through you will exceed your expectations and present vision.  I will give you a new position as you position yourself at My feet, and seek Me with all of yourself.  I want all of you, so that you can become all that I have purposed you to be.  Do not withhold anything of yourself from Me, for you will need everything that I have to give you in the new that I have for you. New requires new from Me, and the anointing is not in the gifts that I give, but in My presence.  You must be filled with My SPIRIT so that you are empowered to use what I give you and be the transformed vessel of honor that I created you to be, to do the greater works that I will appoint and anoint you to do in accordance to your willingness and obedience to surrender yourself onto Me and receive, says the LORD.

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Author: June Reinke


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