I Will Not Be Mocked


Do not despair, says the LORD, for I will not be mocked. You will reap what you sow. I will not fail you and you will not fail or fall. I Am faithful to My Word and I Am faithful in My WORK, and I will supply your need and give you the help that you need. For My Word

My Holy Angels

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I have sent My holy angels across the nations of the world to put a mark on all those who are righteous and call upon My Name, says the LORD. They are Mine, and I will keep them day and night. I will protect them and provision them and preserve them for My name sake. I call them holy, for

Rejoice in Me and Be Glad


  Rejoice in Me and be glad, says the LORD. Sing and make melody in your heart to Me. For I Am singing My love songs over you, My beloved children. The sound of music fills the heavens and the earth as I release fresh goodness and mercy this day for you. I have decreed over you new life and

Rebuke the Destroyer


I will reverse the reversals in your life, says the LORD. I will rebuke the destroyer, that evil one who has pressed against you with one trouble after another. I Am your defense. I AM! I will be a trouble maker to the enemy that has fought long and hard against you on every side. I will mock the mocker

Your Troubles Are Not Troublesome


Your troubles are not troublesome to Me, says the LORD, and your challenges are not a challenge to Me. Your limitations cannot limit Me. Look beyond your circumstances that are endeavoring to dictate to you, confine you and keep you from going forward. For they are not bigger than I Am. I Am that friend that sticks closer than a

My Blood Covers You


My blood covers you and cleanses you from all unrighteousness, says the LORD. You cannot add to what I have completed for you on the cross. For when I said, “It is finished, ” It was. You cannot make yourself righteous. You cannot make yourself holy. I have accomplished this for you as I have blotted out every one of

Your Great Shepherd


As you entrust your care to Me as your Great Shepherd, I will shield you and protect you at all times. Stay in the fold and close to ME and do not stray outside My place of safety in My presence, says the LORD. For I will protect you from the jaws of the lions, even as I shut the

I Am Your Counselor


I am the One Who is called alongside to help you and show you the way, for I Am your counselor. I Am your help. I Am the Almighty God and nothing is too hard for Me. Nothing takes Me by surprise and no power can conquer Me. Trust in Me and ask Me for wisdom and counsel and hear

I Have Preserved You


I have preserved you in your coming in and going out, says the LORD. I have kept you all the days of your life. I have made a path for you and ordered every step. I have cleared the way. I Am your GOOD Shepherd and you belong to Me. There is nothing about you that is insignificant. I will

I Will Command My Blessings

Gods Blessings

I will command my blessings upon you, says the LORD and they will not have corresponding sorrow attached. They will enrich you and elevate you as you ascend into My presence in the secret place. This is where I am calling you. This is where I will meet with you. This is where you will find Me, says the LORD,