I Will Fulfill My Promises to You!

 My love cannot and will not change with the times and seasons of your life, and will not be put out by the floods of the enemy that endeavor to extinguish the My Holy Spirits fire.  My love conquerors, and My love for you defeats and destroys the works of the enemy.  It will never destroy you!  Trust that what

I Cannot Fail You

My peace cannot be purchased with any amount of silver and gold, says the LORD.  It cannot be earned and cannot be manufactured or duplicated by anyone or anything.  My peace will be given to you, even as you trust in Me.  It is free to whoever will come to Me in simple, child-like, dependent faith.  This peace will bring

Trust In My Limitless Power!

It is not what you can do, but what I can, says the LORD.  You may see limitations, but you are looking the wrong way.  Look up, not around.  For I Am more than able to help you. I Am greater than any other power, and nothing limits me.  I do not answer to any other, for I Am the

Peace in the Storm

Frustration and distraction is the work of the enemy, says the LORD.  Turn away from the plots of his that play with your mind and try to steal your joy.  For I always give you unspeakable joy in My presence. The journey does not have to be too hard for you. It can be joyful and uplifting.  You need to

You Can Move Mountains!

Do not look at the mountain of impossibilities, but speak to it, says the LORD.  You have been given mountain moving authority over everything as you speak My Word.  Do not just say it, but believe it, for I have already declared, and you need only to repeat after Me. For My Word is the final say.  It is life

I Will Lead You

I will lead you one step at a time toward the place I want you to be, says the LORD.   Encourage yourself in Me, for I have kept you in the past and will keep you now. Do not try to force things to happen, for I will give you the resources to fulfill every purpose that I have for

I Will Give You Peace

Be patient and wait on Me. Trust in the steps that I order for you, says the LORD. They will always be steps of peace and they will advance you into your destiny purpose. My presence goes before you to give you peace, and you need not look back. I have your back, but your destiny is ahead. You need

My Light and Life is in You

I have taken you out of the kingdom of darkness and translated you into My kingdom of LIGHT, as you have received Me as your own Savior and LORD.  There has been a change in your environs, says the LORD.  For light is not compatible with darkness, and there is no compromise or coexistence.  My kingdom has NO DARKNESS, NO

You will be blessed to be a blessing, says the LORD.  My light and My life is in you, and it is abundant.  It becomes you, for your life is hid in Me, absorbed by Me, so that I AM seen and I Am heard and I Am on display.  I have given you My Spirit that it may flow

Prophetic Word for the New Year (Rosh Hashana) 2017

The Lord says, this will be a year of change.  Some changes you will embrace with open arms, and others you will not.  Change has already begun, says the LORD, for I am stirring, agitating, moving, connecting, disconnecting, disrupting and intervening to bring about your destiny in Me.  DO not fear the changes that are of ME, says the LORD.