Ask Me for Anything That You Need

Ask Me for anything that you need, says the LORD. For I AM good for it. I have everything that you need and there is an endless supply of blessings upon blessings that await you. I do not have to take from one person to give to another, for My resources are inexhaustible. I Am still creating. I Am still

You Are Not Alone in Your Struggles

Fear not, says the LORD. You are not alone in your struggles. I Am your assurance of success. I Am with you to guarantee your victory. For what I give you is weapons that cannot be over-powered. I cannot be defeated, and I Am the One who stands alongside of you to help you. You never have to face the

Look Ahead

Look ahead, says the LORD, for what is ahead is your destiny. Your past is past. Your future is determined by Me. It is your destiny and it is good. Do not fret about the days ahead, for I will hold you by my own right hand and give you My grace and glory, keep you sure-footed and keep you

I Have given You Abundant Life

I have given you abundant life in Me, says the LORD. It is abundant NOW, not some day. I have given you abundant grace! I AM more than enough for you. You will not just get by with My grace and life in you, but you will have above what you need. I will give you even more as you

I Am Light in You

I AM light in you, says the LORD. I Am your salvation, your place of safety, your defense and your keeper that gives you everything that you need. I Am your all in all. There is none other beside Me. You can depend upon Me, for I Am unfailing. I Am with you always. I Am aware of all of

I Do Not Give False Hope


I do not give false hope, says the LORD. My hope is not empty words that do not produce. Your hope has substance as you trust in Me to fulfill the promises that I have given you that are infallible. Let faith arise in your heart and do not mix it with tormenting fear. For surely as I live, I

The Wisdom of Man Is Foolishness

There are absolutes, says the LORD. Forsake the mindsets of man, shed the doctrines of devils and forsake the illegitimate counsel of mere man and run from his philosophy. For the wisdom of man is foolishness to Me. It will become useless to you and you will discover the weakness and ineptness of the ideas and ideals of man and

Hidden Treasures

Go deeper so that you can go higher, says the Lord. Dig deeper and discover the hidden treasures in My presence. For they will be unveiled to you…the mysteries revealed that have been hidden. The secret things will be uncovered as you spend time with Me in the secret place where you will not only find Me and hear My

Let Me Direct Your Path

Give it up, give it over, all to Me, says the LORD. Let me direct your path. Take the steps that I order. It is not a hop, skip or a jump, but steps. They are in front of you. Your past taught you things, but that is not the direction that you are to go. Past is past and

Turn Your Attention Aside

Am I Trusting God

Turn your attention aside from the things of this earth that are vying for your attention and focus on the eternal things of My presence and glory, says the LORD. For you need not be distracted and encumbered with many cares. The cares of this life will always exist, and I desire you to be care-free and liberated from coming