Fiery Trials

You will not remain in the fiery trials of afflictions forever, says the LORD. I will bring you through them with great success and your faith will be stronger. You will be stronger than ever before as you have endured hard things. I have not put you in the fire, but I will bring you out. I will empower you

I Will Give You Everything

I will give you everything that you will believe Me for, says the LORD. Believe! Receive what I have already purchased for you. It is not what you can do, but what you can believe Me for. There is nothing too big or too small, too complicated or too much for Me to grant. I desire to do more than

I Will Fill You with My Spirit

Come hungry, come thirsty, come into My presence empty and with expectation, says the LORD. For I will fill you with My Spirit and satisfy the longing of your soul. I will pour out blessings upon blessings upon you and you will not have the capacity to contain it. I will overfill, and you will overflow with My power. I

A Wall of Fire

  I have commanded My angels to surround you as a wall of fire, and My glory is in the midst of you. Nothing can get through them to get to you! For My power and My glory shall saturate you and cover you as you cloak up in Me and put ME on, says the LORD. I Am your

You Will Not Slip and Slide

You will not slip and slide, says the LORD, for I will hold you up with My own right hand, and you will not stumble and fall. I will keep you steady on you feet, as you lean on My strong arms rather than the arms of the flesh. I Am your reality, and with you always, not as an

Who I Am

It is all about Me and Who I Am and what I have done and what I will do, says the LORD. It is about My power, My authority, My presence,My infallible Word, and My SPIRIT! I Am in complete control and nothing escapes My attention and nothing is off limits for Me. It is not about what you can

I Am the Anointed One

I Am the Anointed ONE. I Am the liberator, says the LORD. I AM the ONE who will loose the captives and set them free. INDEED, I declare and decree freedom! You will not live in bondage and under the thumb of false authorities, and you will not be in a prison of your own making. Enough! says the LORD.

Choose to Believe in Me

Choose to believe in Me and My infallible goodness and mercy for you, says the LORD. For your faith pleases ME. Reject fear and doubt and unbelief that the enemy is endeavoring to distract you with. He is a liar, a thief and a robber and he wants to steal your joy. He wants to take away your peace and

Sanctuary of Rest

I am a sanctuary of rest for you, says the Lord. You are safe and secure in Me at all times, regardless of the violent winds of adversity and the raging storms of life that come against you suddenly and unexpectedly. I will shield you and protect you and keep you day and night. For I Am bigger than the

I Will Mend Your Broken Heart

He Heals the Broken Heart

I will mend your broken heart and restore your joy, says the LORD. For I will comfort you and cause you to dream again. You have abandoned your dreams and have forgotten your vision as the cares of this life have clouded them over. But I will lift the dark clouds of despair and give you renewed hope. I will