Sing a New Song of Praise

Let your heart leap for joy and sing a new song of praise onto Me, says the LORD. For I Am with you to give you unspeakable joy. I desire for you to be unburdened as you relinquish every care that you have and give them to Me. Let your heart be carefree! Cast everything onto Me that is weighing

I Am Not Sleeping

I Am not sleeping, says the LORD. I Never shut My eyes. I Am always alert and ready to act on your behalf. I Am never tired and I never need to rest. My eyes are upon you and I see every detail of your existence and know all that you need. You can rest in My care, for I

I Will Command My Blessings

I will command My blessings upon you, says the LORD, and you WILL BE blessed. You will be furnished. Your needs will be supplied. For all those who trust in Me will never be disappointed. I will never forget you or overlook you. Your concerns are Mine! Your troubles are not troubling to Me, but I will resolve things for

I Am Your Healer

I Am your Healer. I Am your Savior. I Am your Anchor, says the LORD. I Am your miracle. I will comfort you. I will pour out My Spirit in you and fill you with My glory as you wait on Me! I will do it for the honor of My own name. For there is nothing that I cannot

Be Patient

be patient

Be patient, says the LORD. Stand straight and tall at attention and wait for My command. Keep your eyes upon Me and away from the enemy that is plotting evil against you. His advancements toward you will not be to his advantage. His plans will work against him and his strategies will fail. For I Am your Captain, and I

Your Help Comes From Me

Your help comes from Me, says the LORD. I Am all that you need. You do not have to look to another, for I Am your GOD, and I will help you. I will be more than enough for you as I pour into you abundant blessings that far exceed your need. Make Me your trust and place your life

Where Is Your Faith?

Where is your faith, I ask. What do you believe? Let Me be your faith, says the LORD. Let Me be your trust. Let My counsel be in you and forsake the counsel of man that is fallible. I cannot fail and you will know that I Am the ALMIGHTY GOD in the midst of you as you shift your

Breathe in My Spirit

Take a deep breath, and breathe in My SPIRIT, says the LORD. It is LIFE GIVING. It is empowering. For the winds of My SPRIIT are blowing and as I have brooded over the face of deep, the waters, I brought Life. I have healed them. I have brooded over them by My Spirit to bring life and vitality. LIVE

My Business

As you remain busy about MY BUSINESS and make Me and My Kingdom your first pursuit, My blessings will overtake you, says the LORD. I will get into your business and give you good success. Your blessings will be poured into you that will have no sorrow attached. For I do not burden you with blessings but great joy is

I Will Never Forsake You

I will never forsake you, says the LORD. You are unforgettable. You are always in My thoughts and My heart is knit with those who love Me and trust in Me as their LORD! I will give you everything that you need and honor your prayers. You will know My promises as I fulfill then. You will eat at My