Put GOD First

Make Me your pursuit and follow hard after Me, says the LORD.  Do not just make room for Me in your life, but make Me the center of your attention and your highest heart’s desire.  For I Am your everything.  I Am your all. Give Me your fill attention and meditate on My Word.  Let Me be your guide continually

Ordained Your Destiny

I have ordained your destiny and ordered every step of the way for you, says the LORD. It is never delayed or confused. I have a well lit path that lies ahead of you, and I will take you by the hand and hold you up and keep you steady on the path to your personal promised land. You need

Trust in Me

Am I Trusting God

Do not put your trust in your own inferior feelings and thoughts, says the LORD, for they will betray you if you focus on them. Come up higher, and I will give you a fresh perspective. For My thoughts and ways are higher than yours and not limited to the boundaries of any man. I Am unlimited in space and

Pleased with Your Faith

I cannot be pleased with unbelief, but I will always be pleased with your faith and trust in Me, says the LORD. For that is My will for you to walk in complete dependent, child-like faith and confidence in Me. I brought you into My family to be My child, so that you would entrust your entire life to Me.

I Created with the Word

I created with the WORD of My mouth, says the LORD. When I spoke, I did NOT have to repeat it. I did not say, “Let there be light,” again and again. I spoke, and it was done. I commanded and it was performed. I watch over MY WORD to perform it. I do not have to say what I


You will have everything that you can believe Me for, says the LORD. For it is not up to you to fulfill your purpose or destiny. I Am the One Who can and will, as you entrust your full life to Me. For I AM unlimited in space and time and power. NOTHING is too difficult for Me and nothing

I Have Planted You into My Kingdom

Forever I have planted you into My kingdom, and you will not be uprooted, says the LORD. For what I do is done. Even as I have begun a good work in you, I will complete it. I will perfect what concerns you and you will not be lost or undone. You will not be empty, but full. You will

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone, says the LORD. I Am with you. I Am IN YOU. I Am your helper. I AM your constant companion. I Am a communicator. You can talk with Me. I will answer you. You can share your heart with Me and KNOW that I completely understand you. I know the pain of your heart, and I

Forget the Past

Forget the past, says the LORD. You have sought for My righteousness and found it in Me. I have eradicated your past sins and washed you and cleansed you by My blood. Stop looking back, for I Am not reminding you of what I have already removed from you. You need to forget what I have forgotten and know that

Signs and Wonders

Signs and wonders follow the believer, says the LORD. For as you believe in Me, you will not need to seek signs and wonders. They will automatically FOLLOW YOU. You need not desire them. Desire Me and seek My kingdom and My face. My power will be seen and My glory will rest upon all who earnestly seek ME. Follow