I Am Singing Over You

As you sing My praises and worship Me from the depths of your heart, do you realize that I Am singing your praises? You are the work of My hands, and I AM PLEASED with MY WORK, and have declared that it is GOOD. The heavenly host sing unto Me praises, and they also sing yours, for they see the

Daily Devotional: Remembrance

When my life seems to be slipping away, I remember you. I am not without hope. I look unto you. My prayer comes up to you, and you will hear, you will answer. You will deliver me from all my afflictions, and restore my soul, for you are all-powerful, and care about every detail of my life, because I belong

You Are Precious to Me

You are precious to Me, says the LORD. I have invested everything into you, because of My great love for you. Do not overlook My sacrifice for you and devaluate your worth! I laid down My life for you, and redeemed you by broken body My shed blood for you, and you are always MY PRIORITY! You will never be

Daily Devotional: You Will Answer My Prayers

Thank you, Lord, that when I cry onto you in times of distress, you hear me and answer me. You will bring me out of my affliction. You will deliver me from the things that are too difficult for Me. I place My total trust in you, and know that you will answer my prayers, and grant me the desires

I Am REAL, and My Words Are Infallible

I Am not the figment of someone’s imagination, or a fantasy, says the LORD. I was not formed and formulated by the creations of anyone. I Am not a false illusion. I Am not just a fairy tale with a happy ever after ending. I Am real! My WORD is infallible. I cannot be altered by the whims and wishes

Daily Devotional: Possessing the Promises

Lord, we thank you that you have made us holy and given us your righteousness by our faith in your shed blood for us and finished work on the cross. You have granted us deliverance, holiness, and we shall possess our possessions in our personal promised land, because we belong to you. Amen.

I Will Heal, Repair, Revive, Restore, Renew, Empower You

I will heal you, repair you, revive you, restore you, renew you, empower you, and use you for My purposes and glory says the LORD. NOTHING is off the table, and I will NOT compromise My Word, complicate the process, or make hurdles that cause delays. The enemy will do everything to distract you from what I have authored for

Daily Devotional: We Shall Live

Lord, we thank you that as we seek you, we shall find you. We shall live. You are our life in the land of the living as well as granting us eternal life. We are sustained and kept by you as we put our total trust in you at all times. Amen.

Don’t Cast Away Your Confidence in Me

Don’t cast away your confidence in Me, says the LORD. I have never left you! I will not withhold My love from you, ever. You will never know a breach of contract with Me. I keep My promises, fulfill My Word, and finish My good works that I have begun. I will perfect that which concerns you, because I said

Daily Devotional: Hope in the Lord

We thank you, Lord, that your roar is greater than the enemy that rages against us. You will utter your voice, publish and perform your wonderful, infallible Word for us. You are our hope and our strength. You are our defense, protection, place of safety, healer and deliverer. We are secure in you, and fully kept, because we belong to