Have Confidence in ME

Don’t cast away your confidence in ME, but cast away your fears, doubt and unbelief, says the LORD. For not only is that contrary to Me, but it is contrary to you. I have brought you out of tormenting darkness and you are in the light of My kingdom that is endless. The darkness, depression and defeat are PAST TENSE

Daily Devotional: Overcoming

Thank you for the peace that you give as we trust in your infallible WORD and the record of the miracles you have performed for those who have faith in you. Because you have overcome the world and all the trouble that is it, we will also be empowered by your Spirit to overcome every obstacle, every difficulty, and every

I Am Planning, Purposing, Preparing and Protecting

The unseen far exceeds the seen that I have done for you, for I Am a faithful, loving Father to you, says the LORD You cannot even begin to calculate My blessings that I have already given, and you cannot even fathom what I have laid up in store for you, that far exceeds your greatest expectations. You cannot see

Daily Devotional: Enlighten Pathway

Lord, we thank you for your infallible Word that enlightens the way before us and keeps us steady on our feet, so that we will not fall nor fail. We trust in your promises to guide us, hep us, empower us, protect us, and equip us to fulfill every responsibility we have. We trust in your help and thank you

Faith and Trust

Don’t give into feelings of hopelessness, depression and despair, says the LORD. That does not come from Me. I Have given you the measure of faith, the seed of faith, the gift of faith, and you are to bear the fruit of faith. For when everything seems to be spinning of control, it is not yourself or others that you

Daily Devotional: God is For US

We thank you, Lord, that you are for us. It does not matter who or what comes against us, you are on our side, faithfully protecting us, defending us, securing us, keeping us so that no threat can touch us, because we belong to you. We entrust you with our total care, and thank you for your presence, power, protection

I Will Revive, Renew Your Strength, Restore You

I will revive you. I will renew your strength. I will restore you, says the Lord. You will come alive and be vibrant and be energetic as I breathe NEW LIFE into you by My Spirit. I will impart new strength into you. My life is in you. My light is in you. You have a living hope in Me,

Daily Devotional: Casting Down Imaginations

Lord, help us to cast down every imagination and high thing that comes against the knowledge that we have of you. Our attention is captivated upon you, as we obey your voice and follow your lead. We now imagine your help, your power and presence as we overcome every difficulty we face. Rev. Dr. June S. Reinke

I Have NEW things For YOU

Come out of the grave yard of regrets, says the LORD. Let the dead bury the dead and abandon the ash heap of the things that were once alive and vibrant. I have NEW things for you that will not need the old. As I make all things new, I do not use ashes and dust and things that once

Daily Devotional: Help and Shield

Thank you, Lord that because we reverence you and your Holy Name, we have you as our helper and our shield. We need your protective care and your help as we step into new and unfamiliar territories and meet new and difficult challenges. You are the One who is our trust, and we will overcome every obstacle, no matter how