Embrace the Blessings

Gods Blessings

The things that concern you are only a distraction, says the LORD. They darkness has to give way to the light that I give you. Not only will My light be in you, but it will be around you so that you can see clearly that I have rained down My blessings upon you and given you unspeakable gifts that

Songs of Deliverance

Sing unto ME a new song of praise and thanksgiving, and let your heart be filled with My Spirit of joy and laughter, says the LORD. For I want to hear a NEW sound coming forth from you. You have cried and you have mourned, and you have lamented long enough. It is time to rejoice! It is time to

You Have Significance

Don’t ever say, “Who am I? Why am I here? What is the reason for My existence?” I Am the ONE who has created you, and I have given you a perfect position in Me, says the LORD. You are part of My body, and you have significance! You are important to Me! Your function is not optional, but essential.

I Will Exceed Your Greatest Expectations

Your plans are not big enough, your thoughts are not deep enough, your dreams are not good enough, says the LORD. For I have BETTER THINGS in store for you than you have ever thought of, envisioned or could ever imagine! Although you say you cannot achieve even your own desires, I say you will exceed your greatest expectations as

Ultimate Victory

Your enemies that have chased after you will never catch up with you, says the LORD. Even as I have said, “Touch NOT mine anointed and do My prophets NO HARM,” I Am there to defend you and embarrass and harass those who have come against you without cause. You will see MY salvation, as you stand still in amazement

Your Life is in My Hands

Your life is My hands, and nothing and no one can take you out, says the LORD. I have given you life in ME. I Am the Way, the truth and the LIFE! I have recorded all the days of your earthly sojourn in My book, and even as I have numbered all the hairs on your head, I have

Come and Dine

I have prepared My banquet table in My presence for you, says the LORD. COME and DINE. Everything that you need is on the table, and I have special surprises waiting for you. You will shout for joy, as you discover the things that I have reserved, just for you. It is My greatest desire to have friendship and fellowship

Be Aware and Sensitive to My Presence

Be aware and sensitive to My presence in your life at all times, says the Lord. For I Am with you always. I see everything, know everything and know the thoughts that you think. I understand you. I care about every detail of your existence, and the things that concern you are always known by Me. I Am able to

I Am Your Faithful Friend

You are NEVER alone, says the LORD. NEVER! When everyone runs away from you as you face troubles and trials, you will not see Me join this exit! I Am your faithful friend that will stick with you no matter what comes your way. I AM not just standing there, watching you struggle, to cheer you on, but I Am

I Want You to be Whole

By His Stripes we are Healed

I never take any pleasure in your pain, says the LORD. I did not authorize it, create it or command any such thing. I want you to be whole, for that is what I purchased for you by My shed blood and death on the cross for you. I do not want you bound, but I have come to set