My Hands Are Never Empty

My hands are never empty, says the LORD. They are extended toward you to not only receive you and embrace you, but to endow you with unspeakable gifts, says the LORD. I have an endless supply for you. You need to never be empty or barren, but fruitful and plenteous in every good thing that I freely give you from

Let Your Mind Be at Ease

Let your mind be at ease as you focus your attention upon Me and away from the cares of your life, says the LORD. For I desire you to stop! Look up to ME! Listen now to My Voice that is reassuring you! For I want you to walk in a calm, quiet, confident faith and trust in ME! Settle

Keeping You Safe

As the sun has risen each new day, I have faithfully sustained you through the night and kept you safe, says the LORD. Awake to My new compassion and mercy that I have released to you this new day. Arise in renewed strength and arm yourself in Me as you face the challenges that are before you this day. I

My Missions

My missions will always be accomplished, says the LORD. I never have a failed plan, and I never have any unfinished business. I do not have to start all over, EVER! For what I do is always progressive and powerful. I never abandon my work and never have an incomplete. Nothing interferes with My Work and will and plan. For

Pain of Your Past

I will make you to forget the pain of your past, says the LORD. I will heal your broken heart and wounded Spirit, and restore your soul. I will renew your hope in Me. You will not have empty, unproductive hope, and you will no longer say that your hope is deferred and your heart is sick. For your hope

Lord of the Harvest

I did not bring the blight and I did not bring the winds of adversity to spoil your field of labor and create a failed harvest, says the LORD. I Am the LORD of the harvest, and the field is Mine. I will not destroy My own work, and I will not give you seed that will not germinate and

Heal Your Wounds

  I will pour in the oil and the wine and heal your wounds, says the LORD. For I Am your healer. It is My will that you are whole. My Word that I send is a delivering Word. It is a penetrating Word that will bring life to all that it touches. My Word is health to all your

Turn Your Ear Toward Me

Turn your ear toward Me, says the LORD. Hear what I Am speaking. Turn off the voice of the enemy that wants to cause you to have tormenting fear and persistent doubt. The enemy never has anything good to say and he never does anything good. He will only bring darkness and defeat. He will only weaken and impoverish. He

Let My Fear Be in You

Do not fear what man can do, but let My fear be in you, says the LORD. For I Am unsurpassed in power and glory, and I will be known by My mighty acts in the midst of you. Be still and know that I alone AM GOD. I alone Am the absolute authority. I alone Am in control and

Align with Me

As you align with Me and abandon yourself to Me in My presence, I will make you a vessel of honor that I will use mightily in My kingdom, says the LORD. You will have an excellent spirit in you as you are filled with My Spirit of excellency. For you will do great feats for Me as I empower