September 21, 2017 the LORD says, I Am a GOD of Miracles, Signs and Wonders!

I AM a GOD of miracles, signs and wonders, and I do not want this to be abnormal to you, says the LORD. Let it become your new normality, as you live in My presence and glory.  Sit in heavenly places with Me, a place of dominion and authority and power.  Sit with Me, far above the wickedness, dominions, principalities

Rosh Hashanah September 20 and 21, 2017

Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown, September 20th and ends at sundown the 21st.  This is the Jewish new year, and GOD’s calendar.  What does this mean for you? 1.  It is the beginning of the new for you.  There is a fresh start.  To have the new, you must      make room for it.      Letting go of

September 20, 2017 the Lord says….. I Am Your Shelter in Times of Storm

Do not fear the storms of your life or the sudden winds of adversity, says the LORD.  For the storms will surely come, but they will go.  They cannot abide. I do.  I will calm the storms and the winds of adversity that threaten you, and they will cease.  I will quiet your fears and the hidden storms within you,

September 19, 2017 the LORD says…. I Have Set You Free!

I have set you free, says the LORD.  DO not accept bondage, for the chains have been broken that kept you imprisoned.  You are free to come out of the dark, obscure place and walk in the light.  I have given you light.  You need not go back into bondage and fear.  For the prison doors have been open and

Kenya Mission…Nakuru

I will be in Nakuru, Kenya the 20th of January and am available for a one day meeting Jan 21st. If you want to host us and are a pastor, please contact me by email at [email protected]m

September 18, 2017 the LORD Says…. My Hands Reach Out to You!

I AM reaching out to you, says the LORD.  I Am stretching forth My hands to you.  My hands are comforting hands. They are healing hands. They are delivering hands. They are providing hands.  They are loving hands.  They are creating hands.  They are saving hands. They are hands that protect you and shelter you as you welcome and receive

September 17, 2017 the LORD says…. My Love is an Unquenchable FIRE!

My love is a fire, says the LORD, and many waters cannot put it out.  My love is an inferno of My glory, and My grace for you is inexhaustible.  Nothing can stop My love, and there is no power that can disrupt or interfere with My unconditional love for you.  Trust in Me, and do not be afraid.  For

September 16, 2017 the LORD Says: Use the Keys to My Kingdom

I have given you the keys to My kingdom in heaven, says the LORD.  USE THEM   My kingdom is where you are to live. Your citizenship is there with me.  You have entrance, and are more than welcome. My presence is where you are to live.  You have the keys that will unlock doors.  In My kingdom is righteousness,

September 15, 2017 the Lord says…. I Will Hear and Answer You

I will hear and answer your prayers, says the LORD.  For My ears are opened to the sound of your voice as you enter into My presence and make your requests known onto ME.  I will not ignore the cry of your heart, and you are welcome to pour out your heart onto Me, always.  I cannot and will not

Partners for Kenya and Uganda Missionary Trip

The LORD is sending Me back to Kenya and I will be going to Uganda in January to minister across both nations.  Please prayerfully consider partnering with Me so that I am able to reach these nations for the Kingdom of GOD. To help with this mission, please use the donation button on this website which will talk you directly