Small Beginnings

Do not despise the days of small beginnings, says the LORD, for the new is NEW and it begins with a seed. The new seed will sprout, the new plants will grow and they will bud and blossom; They will bear fruit and they will come to maturity with seed in itself. It will spread. For a seed does not

A New Song


I will give you a NEW song with a NEW sound, says the LORD. For the former things that have bogged you down and kept you entrapped will not stay My hand. I will come in fury against the enemy that has threatened you and rescue you from his arrogant and illegitimate assaults and insults against you. His weapons formed

Any Good Thing

You will not lack any good thing as you look to Me as your source, says the LORD. I Am not slack concerning you or My promises to you. I Am not forgetful of My WORD! I watch over it to perform it FOR YOU! I have not put you at the end of the line where you have to

I Will Brighten Your Life

I will brighten your life in Me, says the LORD. I will give you everything that you need. Do not look for someone else to supply your needs. Look onto Me. For I have a bountiful supply for you that will never run out. You are not exempt from My daily blessings and provision for you as you entrust your

Wait on Me

Wait on Me, says the LORD, for delay in your eyes is not denial. I Am not oblivious of your concerns. I know everything about you and know what you have need of before you even know and before you can ask. Don’t rush ahead of times that I have prescribed for your life. For I have not and will

Push Forward

I will reverse the reversals in your life, says the LORD. Instead of being pushed back, the things that are behind you will push you forward. For your past will not stifle you, will not destroy you or keep you back from your destiny. That which is past does not define you, belong to you or create a cause that

A Living Hope

I have given you a living hope, says the LORD. It is not empty or futile. It is alive and real. There is nothing that I cannot and will not do for you. NOTHING! I Am the supplier of ALL of your need. I did not say you would barely get by. I Am El Shaddai, the GOD that is

You Are Not Confined

You are not confined to quarters, says the LORD, for I have liberated you from bondage. I am taking you out of the dark closet and placing you out in the open to be a light in the dark places around you, not to sit in the dark, in an obscure place. I Am breaking you free so that you

Break Through the Darkness

I will break through the darkness and give you light, says the LORD and enlighten the path before you. I will secure you and show you the way. Do not look for things to happen according to your own thoughts, but let Me do according to My higher thoughts, as you entrust Me with your life and destiny. Trust Me

I Am Never Late

I Am never late, says the LORD. You can depend upon My promises being fulfilled. I Am not looking for an excuse not to give you what I said belongs to you. I have not deceived you nor given you any false hope. When I give you MY WORD, I keep it. I will not break covenant with you! You