You Are Unshakable and Unmovable

Shall Not be Moved

You are unshakable and unmovable, says the Lord. I have made you strong in Me and the power of My might.  You never have to be tossed around by the winds of adversity!  Torrents of the storms of life never have to knock you down.  I Am the sure foundation that you stand firmly upon all the time.  Floods of

I Am Healing Your Broken Heart and Fractured Life

He Heals the Broken Heart

I Am healing your broken heart and fractured life, says the Lord.  I want you to be whole.  The wounds of your heart are important to Me, and I Am the heart mender.  You have tried to conceal all your pain that is deep within, but as My Spirit scans the very deepest parts of you, I see the very things that you cannot even talk

Your Future Is Secure in Me

Am I Trusting God

Your future is secure in Me, says the Lord.  Today is the future that many fretted about in the past and predicted that the sky was falling.  Many predicted that this day the bottom would fall out.  You are standing in My presence and provision on ground that is solid and secure.  Like a solid rock, I have placed you upon an

I Am Pouring out My Spirit upon You in This Season

I Am pouring out My Spirit upon you in this season, says the Lord.  You have cried out to Me for more, and I said, YES!  Yes, I will fill you with My Spirit.  Yes, I will satisfy the thirst that you have for Me.  Yes I will fill you to overflowing, and this is what you will minister from. 

Perfect Peace

perfect peace

Perfect peace comes only when you have perfect trust in me, says the Lord. You will only have peace in the areas of your life that you relinquish control of and give to Me. Why are you holding onto things that you cannot fix, change or control, I ask? Do you think that you have a better solution than I

This Is a Season of Refreshing

Garment of Praise

This is a season of refreshing, says the Lord.  I Am refreshing you in My presence.  I Am giving you the garment of praise for the burdensome heaviness you have been strapped down with.  Join with ME in song, for as you sing to Me, I Am singing My love song to you.  It is a joyful song, and I

Receive Your Miracle by Faith

Everything is Possible

Receive your miracle by faith and trust in Me, says the Lord.  I Am a God of miracles now.  I perform them all the time!  Miracles are not a sign of the times nor are they a merely a historical event.  I Am the same yesterday, today and forever, says the Lord.  ONLY BELIEVE!  DO YOU BELIEVE?  DO YOU TRUST

I Am Breaking Through the Darkness with My Light

Isaiah 58:8 - Then your light will break forth like the dawn

I Am breaking through the darkness with My light, says the Lord.  No more feeling your way through the cold, dark night of your experience.  No more obscurity.  No more bleakness!  No more waiting and wondering.  NO MORE, says the Lord.  The day star has risen, and I Am illuminating the path that you are to take.  Enough sorrow.  Enough

Nothing Can Separate you From My Love

Nothing can separate you from My love, says the Lord!  Nothing!  My love is constant.  My love for you is unconditional!  I loved you while you were yet in your sins, says the Lord.  I loved you enough to pay the price for your redemption with My own shed blood when I gave My life for you on the cross.  You

Stand Still and See My Salvation

The battle is Mine, says the Lord.  Stand still and see My salvation!  The enemy is defeated!  I Am a Man of war, and I will fight for you.  Your enemies are My enemies.  Your battles are Mine!  My strength is made perfect in your weakness, says the Lord!  It is not your strength the defeats the dark one….it is