Miracles, Signs and Wonders

I Am a GOD of miracles, signs and wonders, says the LORD.  I have no challenges. I have no boundaries.  I have no end. There is no end to My power. There is no ability to exhaust My resources.  I never become weary, and I never sleep.  Nothing gets past My attention, and noting surprises ME.  Absolutely NOTHING is impossible

Be Courageous

I have given you courage and faith, says the LORD.  Use what is already yours!  You did not manufacture it and you are not the author of it.  I AM.  I have given you precious and priceless gifts that I will not extract from you. You are furnished and enabled to stand up and contend for the things I have

The Audible Voice of the LORD Sending Me to Kenya and Uganda

June 2017 Missionary Trip to Kenya It was perilous and powerful.  I soon forgot the perils for the power of the HOLY SPIRIT that was in the meetings across Kenya in the entire month of June.  WE give GOD the GLORY, for without Him, we are Nothing and can DO NOTHING!  God did everything that He said He would do

Sing Unto the LORD

Sing a new song onto Me, says the LORD.  Let your heart and mouth be filled with thanksgiving and praise onto Me. For you are blessed of ME.  I did not give you a garment of sorrow, but one of praise. I did not give you a mouth to complain, but one to give thanks.  I did not create you

A Special Word for Those Who Suffer From the Prophet’s Desk

For Those Who Suffer, by Prophet June Reinke The element of suffering for a higher anointing is not taught. If you suffer with Him you will reign with Him. I preached this today on spot in my church and see this is appropriate for you. If you want to go higher, you must go lower. The element of suffering has

Your Life is in God’s Hands

You are valuable to Me, as a pearl of great price, says the LORD.  I purchased you by My shed blood for you and broken body on the tree.  You belong to Me, and I will not settle for less of you than your all.  For your life is in My hands.  My Spirit is in you.  You are set

I Will Give You Answers of Peace

I have not forgotten you. I know exactly where you are, says the LORD. Your questions will be answered by Me, but you will not have them all clear at once. I Am speaking to you. I Am ordering your steps. Be confident in My voice that directs your path. Know that I will take you by My Own right

Jesus is Your Peace

As you focus your attention onto Me, I will keep you in peace, says the LORD.  Do not focus on the things around you that are troubling, for there will always be new situations and more troubles that follow. They will keep you from enjoying My presence as you are always problem solving and distracted. Focus on Me and Let


  I will give you the breakthrough that you are longing for as you press into My presence and glory, says the LORD. For it is not what you can do, but what I will do for you.   Your joy will be FULL, not partial.  Your purpose will be fulfilled, not just in part.  Your heart will rejoice, not

The Pieces Will Come Together to Fulfill Your Kingdom Destiny

  I habitually do a prayer walk around my neighborhood every morning as the weather permits.  I live on a dead-end road called “Sunburst Drive”.  Nearing the end are two streets that connect, and go around in a circle.  I walk that circle as well before returning to my home.  Several days as I was walking, I noticed a puzzle