I Will Command My Blessings

Gods Blessings

I will command my blessings upon you, says the LORD and they will not have corresponding sorrow attached. They will enrich you and elevate you as you ascend into My presence in the secret place. This is where I am calling you. This is where I will meet with you. This is where you will find Me, says the LORD,

I Care for Your Soul

I care for your soul, says the LORD. I Am with you when no one wants to be or will. I will walk with you always and hold your hand. Do not lean on arms of the flesh. They will fail you. They will not support you. They will not remain. Even as I said in My WORD to strengthen

Think on Good Things

Think on good things, says the LORD. Fill your mind with My thoughts, for My word is good. My thoughts about you are always good. Dream again. For I Am all about vision. I Am always creating new things. I Am always working and always moving and always doing NEW things. My work and word are not stagnant and unproductive.

I Will Bless You

  I will bless you coming and going out, says the LORD. I have much more for you than you could ever ask or imagine. Trust that I will bring you up higher in Me as you respond to My call. Come closer. Come higher. Come expecting and open your arms to receive of My goodness and blessings for you.

Your Walking Boots

Put on your walking boots and strap on your armor, says the Lord, for it is time to MOVE forward. You have been around and around and around this mountain long enough. Enough analyzing. Enough scrutinizing. Enough planning. Enough scratching your head. Enough waiting and wondering. ENOUGH gazing at the impossibilities. I have given you the power to proceed, the

Count Your Blessings

Count your blessings, says the Lord and be thankful for what I have given you and all that I Am continually doing for you. I daily load you with benefits. Look at the positive things in your life and focus on My continual goodness and mercy and unfailing love for you that is renewable daily. As the sun arises, I

I Will Not Disappoint You

I will not disappoint you, says the LORD, for I will give you the desire of your heart as you SEEK Me first and foremost. Let My will become yours. Let My heart become yours. Let My higher ways and thoughts become yours! For I only have the best for you. Do not compromise yourself and do not lower yourself

Storehouse of My Blessings

I have opened the storehouse of My blessings for you and will pour them out to you in excess of your need or ability to contain, says the Lord. I will enrich you. I will beautify you as I deck you out in Me. Can you hear the sound of abundance of rain? Can you feel the winds of My

All Things New

Look, I make all things new for you, says the LORD. I will give you new hope and new light and a fresh anointing of My Spirit. I will pour out My Spirit afresh upon you and give you My joy that is renewed and vibrant. I Am giving you a new perspective and renewed hope. I Am your hope

Come and Get It

Come and get it, come and dine, says the LORD. I will open wide My hand, and I will provide for you. I will prepare a banquet table for you in you wilderness, and I will supply you all that you need and desire. For I have you in the palm of My hand, and I will give you a