I Will Not Be Mocked


Do not despair, says the LORD, for I will not be mocked. You will reap what you sow. I will not fail you and you will not fail or fall. I Am faithful to My Word and I Am faithful in My WORK, and I will supply your need and give you the help that you need. For My Word

I Am Giving You Comfort

I am giving you comfort and joy in Me, says the LORD; for I Am your comforter. Come and receive the fullness of My joy in My presence. Abandon the stress and the demands that are vying for your attention and come into My presence. I want to give you comfort as I embrace you and lavish My love upon

I Will Comfort You

I will comfort you, says the LORD. I Am your God, and I see your tears. I know your heartache and understand your sorrow of heart. I desire to heal your wounds and penetrate your heart with the healing balm of My SPIRIT. I will wipe away your tears and embrace you in your times of loneliness. You are precious