Pitfalls in Your Life

There were pitfalls in the past in your life that I delivered you out of, says the LORD.  There were trials and tests that in your life that I have brought you through.  There are more to come.  Some of them are a result of the assault of the enemy, and you found yourself in a prison cell that you

Your Hiding Place

I Am your hiding place, says the LORD, and I will keep you in the midst of every storm and protect you from every weapon that is formed against you.  But I Am taking you out of hiding.  You are a light that must be seen.  You are a voice that must be heard.  I Am not keeping you silent,

Days of Sorrowing and Mourning

Look Forward

I am cutting short the days of your sorrowing and mourning, says the Lord. The time of your refreshing is before you and soon you will embrace my unimpeachable promises. My blessings will overtake you and you will embrace them. Look forward, for I only have good things in store for you, and it will exceed anything that you could