Me Your First Choice


I will give you the desires of your heart as you make Me your first choice, says the LORD. Make Me your greatest heart’s desire and first love. I will give you all that you need and desire as you pursue Me with all your heart. You will find Me to be your All in All, your Provider, the Lover

Palm of My Hand


I Am holding you in the palm of my hand, says the LORD. You are not going to slip out of My fingers. I have a tight hold on you. My hands have created you. My hands provide for you. My hands heal you. My hands protect you, and you are safe in the Palm of MY Hand. I watch

Your Help Comes from Me


Your help comes from ME, says the LORD, and there is NOTHING that I WILL NOT DO FOR YOU!   NOTHING is off the table that will feed you and nurture you and cause you to grow. I will NOT feed you toxic things. I will NOT feed you with things that are carnal.  I will NOT feed you with things that will

I Will Give You the Desires of Your Heart


I will give you the desires of your heart as you trust in Me, says the Lord.  For I have placed them within you. As you have sought My will to be done in your life, and as you have desired to have My thoughts, I have placed these very desires within you.  They are like a seed, says the