Daily Renewed

I will renew your strength as you wait upon Me, says the LORD. I will restore you as you entrust Me with your care. I will energize you and give you vitality. You will be empowered to do everything that you need to do, as I strengthen you, uphold you and fill you with new life. You need not become

I Am the One

I Am the One Who sanctifies you, says the Lord. I Am the One Who cleanses you and empowers you and sets you aside for My purpose. I will not waste My power and anointing. I will not waste you! For you are not a castaway! You are not soiled and filthy, for your righteousness is of Me, says the

Be Like Me

I Am not cloning you to be like others, says the LORD. Do not try to clone yourself. Walk in Me. Be like Me. Put Me on! I have make you to be unique, and the anointing that you will carry is not that of someone else. Let Me mantle you! Let Me empower you! Let My grace and favor

Stand Fast

When you have done all that you can do, stand fast in Me, says the Lord. Stand fast in your unwavering faith. Let nothing move you. Let nothing press you back. For you can stand, complete in Me, and be undefeatable. You can stand fast on the sure foundation that you have in Me. You can withstand any storm in

Setting the Standards

I Am setting the standards, says the Lord. I have marked you and placed My name upon you. I have sealed you with My Spirit, making you My own, and Am shielding and protecting you by My Spirit. I give no access to the evil one and his cohorts. Cooperate with Me. For when I said give no access to

Finish the Good Work

I will finish the good work that I have begun in you, says the LORD. I will perfect it. I will honor you. I will bless you and you will be a blessing. I will keep you in My hand, and I will pilot you. You are My workmanship, and there is nothing about you that I Am not aware

Out of Trouble

I will bring you out of trouble, says the LORD, even when you are troubled on every side. Though you cannot go forward, cannot turn back, cannot go to the left or the right, just stand still and see My salvation. I Am with you on every side. I AM your rear guard. I Am in front of you. I

Never Give Up

Never give up, says the Lord. Never!!!! I have never given up on you. When I said NOTHING is impossible for those who believe, I mean NOTHNG! When I said I would supply all of your need, I said ALL, not some. I was not looking for an escape from My promises and provisions for you, and a reason not

I Am Your Sanctuary

I Am your sanctuary, and place of safety, says the Lord. You are secure in Me always. Do not fear what Man can do unto you! Do not view yourself as defenseless. With Me on your side, there is no one that can conquer you. I Am your defense! You are undefeatable in Me! The enemy wants you to cower

Prophetic Word for the Year 2015

Prophetic Light Year 2005 Prophecy

The Lord says that the Year 2015 will be a coming out party for My espoused. Like a lady in waiting, My bride, you will be all decked out to meet Me, perfumed with the sweet scent of My anointing, bathed and purified in the presence of My glory, spotless, without wrinkle or blemish, beautified, sanctified and glorified.
You will be dancing before Me in perfect grace to the song of My heart….My beloved. You will be in perfect sync with My Spirit, stepping in the light as My glory will radiate upon you. Like Esther of old who pleased the king, I will crown you with loving kindness and tender mercies as you captivate My heart. You will find great favor in My presence and as you fall at My feet in worship, I will hold out the golden scepter to you and will grant your highest heart’s desire. Your tears, my beloved, will touch My heart and cause My voice, the voice of the bridegroom, to be heard, and My hand will move on your behalf, says the Lord. I will intervene. I will rescue you and those who belong to you, says the Lord. This is a year of the answer to the cry of your heart. This is the year of My blessings to be poured out upon you as you press into My presence, says the Lord.