Lift up Your Eyes

Lift up your eyes and see differently, says the Lord. See what is above your circumstances, above the storm clouds, above the impossible mountains and above the highest walls. For I Am above all. See Me, for there is nothing too big for Me, nothing beyond My control and nothing to difficult for Me. Do not let your situations dictate

I Am Faithful

I am faithful, says the Lord, and I watch over My WORD to perform it in you. The trying of your faith will only work patience in you. Let patience be perfected in you. Let it work in you to expand you and bring you certain growth and maturity. You will lack nothing as you stand in Me. You will

Be Faithful to Me

Be faithful to Me, for great is My faithfulness to you at all times, says the LORD. Don’t change your mind. Do not let the storms of life avert your attention or change your focus. For there is nothing that can conquer you and nothing that can destroy you. I have you, says the LORD. I Am not only on

Consider Me

Consider ME, says the LORD. Remember My works of old! What I have done in the past will not only be duplicated, but multiplied. I Am a Faithful GOD that keeps covenant with you. I cannot and will not fail. I Am unchanging! Signs and wonders, miracles and healing is what I have done, Am doing and will perform! Be

Separated You onto Myself

I have separated you onto Myself, says the LORD. You are not alienated, but separate onto Me. I have not abandoned you. I will not leave you. I AM with you. I have set you aside for My use and filled you with My SPIRIT and MY Word is in you. You are My workmanship, and I created you for

Cast Your Net

Cast your net on the other side for the draught of fishes, says the LORD. Take Me at My WORD. What you already did in your own strength and with your own abilities and gifts and talents that did not produce anything will not be the result now. With Me you can do all things and have a different result.

Hedge of Protection

I have placed a hedge of protection around you, says the Lord.  You do not have to fear that the enemy army will encroach your space.  There is no access and the dark one is on the outside wishing entrance. Though he is raging and threatening, do not even answer. He is not your authority. I Am.  I Am the one