God is Faithful!

My faithfulness is constant, says the LORD.  My compassion and mercy for you is renewable, daily.  They existed before you did, and will never be exhausted.  Time is absorbed in eternity, and you will always be favored in My presence, because you have trusted in Me as your Savior and Lord.  You will not be disappointed in time and eternity,

God is Faithful!

I Am your GOD that does all things perfectly, and there is nothing missing and nothing that needs improvement in what I do and will give to you, says the LORD. All that I have for you has already been completed by My finished work on the cross for you. It has been appropriated, and it is perfect. My perfect

My Faithfulness to You Is Great

My faithfulness to you is great, says the LORD. Every morning you awake with My presence. My mercies are renewable each day. They are never exhausted. I Am compassionate to you and My love for you is passionate, always! My grace is inexhaustible. I watch over you night and day. You never need to despair and you never need to

Great Is My Faithfulness

Great is my faithfulness to you, says the LORD. I renew it daily. Great is My abiding love to you. For this will satisfy the longing of your soul. I AM the ONE who loves you without fail. My love for you is unconditional and selfless. I pursue you. I love you with an everlasting love that cannot and will

Consider My Faithfulness

Consider My faithfulness to you, says the LORD. Consider My consistency in your life. I have always provided for you. I have always been there with you. I have never condemned you. I have never abandoned or abused you. I have never lied to you. I have been faithful and just, and I have justified you, even as you have

Great Is My Faithfulness

Great is My faithfulness, says the LORD. I Am faithful to you at all times. I never give up on you and I never leave you. I will never abandon My kingdom purpose in you or change My plans for your destiny in Me. I will complete what I have begun to perfection, says the LORD. My kingdom is within

You Possess the Keys

I have given you the keys to My kingdom, says the LORD. You possess them! You have the keys to the storehouses of My blessings. You have the keys that will unlock every supply room. You have access to all that you need in My presence, says the LORD. There is NOTHING that you need that isn’t already prepared for

I Will Reward Your Faithfulness

I will reward your faithfulness, says the Lord.  I will reward your sacrifices that you have made for My kingdom.  I will reward your prayers of faith.  I will reward all of your labors for Me.  I will bless you abundantly as you have been a blessing.  You will reap abundantly all that you have sown.  Nothing has been wasted.  Do not bemoan the scant harvest that you


The benefits that I daily load you with are inexhaustible, says the Lord.  There is no end to them.  As My compassion is new morning by morning and My faithfulness to you, so are My benefits that I give you as My entitled child.  Every day I give you a good measure of fresh grace and mercy.  There is never a time

My Faithfulness Is Inexhaustible

My faithfulness is inexhaustible and renewable, says the Lord.  It is new every morning.  I Am faithful throughout the long, dark night of your experience.  I Am never NOT faithful.   Even in times when you walked away from Me, I remained faithful to you.  I never lost sight of you when you had your back to Me.  When you lost