Do Not Fear

Cast Cares

Do not fear, says the LORD. For this is not from Me. The enemy desires to destroy your peace by speaking threatening and tormenting thoughts. Dismiss them, for I Am not speaking them to you or placing them in your mind. Think on good things, and entrust your future to Me. For I have kept you in the past, and

Protected, Empowered and Victorious

I Am your protector, says the Lord. I hold you in the palm of My hands that created you. I Am your place of safety. You need not fear the enemy, for as you come to Me, and resist him, he will run from you in terror. Do not listen to his idle threats that he cannot carry out. For

Let My Fear Be in You

Do not fear what man can do, but let My fear be in you, says the LORD. For I Am unsurpassed in power and glory, and I will be known by My mighty acts in the midst of you. Be still and know that I alone AM GOD. I alone Am the absolute authority. I alone Am in control and

Fear and Failure

Fear and failure go hand in hand and neither are the prescription that I have for your life, says the LORD. I have given you the power of My Spirit to overcome any obstacle that gets in your way. I have even given you the power to remove mountains! My Word on your lips that comes from your heart of

I Will Silence Your Fears

I will silence your fears, says the LORD. Think on this. SILENCE them. That means they will be completely squelched out of existence! They will not scream in your ear. They will not enter your heart. They will not have your attention or distract or disturb you. They will not be spoken from your lips. They will not be ruling

Why Are You Fearful?

Why are you fearful? I Am not the cause of fear, says the Lord. Be fearful of nothing and do not serve it. Serve Me! I have given you My love which is void of fear and never contains failure. I cannot stop loving and giving and caring for you. Do not look at what you merit, but see My

Do Not Fear

Do not fear, says the Lord. For fear is of the enemy. Have faith in Me. I Am more than enough for you. I will not fail you. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU. I Am aware of your need and Am touched by the cry of your heart. I have heard. I will answer. You do not have to figure

Negative Imaginations

Cast down those negative imaginations that have captured your attention and embrace the vision that I have given you, says the LORD. For you will go in the direction that your thoughts take you. Think My higher thoughts, says the LORD. Relinquish the voices of the enemy that desire to keep you in bondage and under his false authority. Vanquish

Fear Not

Fear NOT, says the LORD. Fear is not of ME. It is tormenting, and I never came to torment you. I never came to cause you to be terrorized. I never caused you to tremble in fear of the unknown future. It is known to ME. When will you trust that I AM in control? I control everything! I Am