I Am Freeing You

I Am freeing you from the restrictions and the things that held you back, shut you down and kept you under, says the LORD. No more obscurity! No more under the thumb of false authorities! No More walls, no more shackles and no more obstacles! I Am releasing you from the bondage that has caused you denial, kept you from

I Am Liberating You

I AM liberating you from the things that have bound you from your past, says the LORD. This is a new day with a new and clean beginning. My blood has purged you from very mark and stain of sin and My finished work on the cross has given you a fresh new start. Do not dwell on what was

Setting You Free

I Am setting you free from the things that have held you in bondage, said the LORD, for I do not want you to be in chains and shackles of darkness, despair, depression and defeat. I have come that you might have life that is abundant. I Am loosing you from the bonds that have held you captive and kept

I Am Elevating You

I Am elevating you, says the LORD. I Am bringing you up higher and promoting you in MY presence. You will be the head and not the tail. You will not be overlooked! I have shifted you into the new level and have prepared you for every good work in ME. You have endured. You have remained faithful, and I

My Remnant

I have already called and chosen My remnant and they are in the fiery trials.  Will you endure hardness as a good soldier in Me, I ask? For only those who will walk with Me in the midst of the fiery furnace will Have My fire within them that will be like My chosen servants and two witnesses described by My

Freeing You

I Am freeing you from the encumbrance that have kept you from you full purpose in Me, says the LORD. I do not want you encumbered with the cares of this life.  You have been weighed down by many things that have placed demands upon your life and sapped your energy are taking up all of your time.  Some of

Praise Your Way to Victory

Praise your way to victory, says the LORD, for the battle is not yours, but mine.  Let praises fill the atmosphere around you. It will penetrate the battleground and confuse the enemy.  Instead of fear and anguish, begin to sing unto me.  Let your voice be heard in WORSHIP of ME , says the LORD. I inhabit your praises and

Illegitimate Soul Ties

I Am breaking off the illegitimate soul ties that you have created that were not ordained of Me, says the LORD.  You do not even remember them all.  Don’t even try to think about them. I know who and what and where and how and why, and I Am breaking them for My own sake, says the Lord. I am

No Boundaries

I Am not restricting you, says the Lord. I Am limitless and have no boundaries.  I Am not binding you, but releasing you to walk in liberty.  I AM breaking every yoke and loosing you from every bondage by My infallible Spirit, says the Lord. You are unfettered in Me.  You are not bound.  You are free to be all that I created you to be.  This is the

I Have Liberated You

I have liberated you and you are free, says the Lord. You are not bound.  I have loosed the chains of darkness that gripped you.  I have opened the prison door that held you in captivity.  I have broken the fetters that bound you by My finished work on the cross.  Just as I caused My angel to enter into