Illegitimate Soul Ties

I Am breaking off the illegitimate soul ties that you have created that were not ordained of Me, says the LORD.  You do not even remember them all.  Don’t even try to think about them. I know who and what and where and how and why, and I Am breaking them for My own sake, says the Lord. I am

No Boundaries

I Am not restricting you, says the Lord. I Am limitless and have no boundaries.  I Am not binding you, but releasing you to walk in liberty.  I AM breaking every yoke and loosing you from every bondage by My infallible Spirit, says the Lord. You are unfettered in Me.  You are not bound.  You are free to be all that I created you to be.  This is the

I Have Liberated You

I have liberated you and you are free, says the Lord. You are not bound.  I have loosed the chains of darkness that gripped you.  I have opened the prison door that held you in captivity.  I have broken the fetters that bound you by My finished work on the cross.  Just as I caused My angel to enter into

Be Loosed from the Chains

Break the Chains

Sorrow is turned into joy before Me, says the Lord. I Am turning away your captivity before your very eyes.  I say, prison doors, be open.  Be loosed from the chains that have bound you.  Let My light shine into the very shadows of depression in your life.  Enough of the pain and suffering.  No more, says the Lord.  I do not want