The Harvest is Coming!

     The harvest is coming, says the LORD.  It will not be a failed harvest or that which has been blasted by the east wind. It will not be eaten by the worms and caterpillars.  The fruit will not fall to the ground before it comes to maturity.  It will not be blighted.  The harvest will not be lost or

Lord of the Harvest

I did not bring the blight and I did not bring the winds of adversity to spoil your field of labor and create a failed harvest, says the LORD. I Am the LORD of the harvest, and the field is Mine. I will not destroy My own work, and I will not give you seed that will not germinate and

The Harvest Is Truly Great


The harvest is truly great, and I Am calling forth labors into My fields, says the LORD. I Am calling you! Hear My voice, and open up your eyes. The fields are ripe for harvest. Don’t say, “I can’t! For I will equip you and enable you to labor in My field. Respond to My call, and say, “Here am

I Am the Lord of the Harvest

The harvest is coming

I Am the Lord of the harvest, says the LORD. The field is mine. The seed comes from Me. I have commissioned you to go into MY field to labor for My kingdom. I will completely equip you and furnish you for every good work that I have called you to do, and you will not have to supply your

You Will Receive a Harvest

You will receive a harvest of the things that you have sown into My Kingdom, says the LORD. I will not be mocked. The harvest is coming! Your labor in Me is NOT in vain. Your works will be rewarded. Trust that you will sing the songs of the reaper and have great joy. For I have not ignored your

I Will Multiply You and Not Divide

I will multiply you and not divide, says the LORD. I will not diminish you but expand you. I will not decrease you but give you increase. For I have placed My seed, MY good seed in your hand to sow. And as the seeds are planted, they will bring about a harvest of GOOD things. For seed does not

Times and Seasons

Your times and seasons are in My hands, says the LORD. Do not fret about the pace that I set. Do not fret about the way that you take, for I know it. I know you. I have you in the palm of MY HANDS that formed you and provision you. You are not lost in the shuffle. I value

The Harvest Is Coming

The harvest is coming

The harvest is coming, says the LORD. You have sown in tears. You will surely reap in joy. A harvest of your labors for Me is coming. A harvest of your prayers is coming. A harvest of the good seeds you have sown is coming. A harvest of your sacrificial service is coming. A harvest of your patience is coming.

Look Ahead

Look ahead and not behind you, says the LORD. For the new that I create for you is in front of you and I do not need the material of the dead past and dead works and dead and dry end of season ground. I do not rehash anything or reinvent and I Am not about to reinvent you. I

Prophetic Word for the Year 2016

Year 2016

The winds of change have been blowing and stirring and removing things and agitating now for some time. After the storm, after the winds, after the stirring comes the refreshing new. In the beginning of this year, there is a new settling. The dust will settle. The debris cleared away, the clarity will come. The winds will cease.