Unusual Miracles

I will do unusual miracles and release special signs in the days ahead, for I Am putting Myself on display. There is nothing too hard for Me to do. I Am opening up NEW doors for many to go through that are far beyond what you have asked or ever dreamed of. I Am releasing NEW avenues of provision that

Your Harvest Is Coming

Your harvest is coming, says the LORD. What you have sown in tears you will reap in joy!  I Am the LORD of the harvest and your harvest will not fail.  I have not called for drought or blight or famine, but I have called for bounty. YOU WILL reap what you have sown. Do not see yourself as a

Reaping a Bountiful Harvest

You will sing the songs of the reaper as you reap a bountiful harvest, says the LORD.  You will harvest what you have sown in tears.  The harvest is coming, because of the tears of the sower.  You have wept before Me at times when you could weep no more.  I did not bottle your tears so that I could

Love Is the Key

Love is the key to breakthrough in all areas of your life and those you love, says the Lord. I Am love, and I have made you in My very own image to BE LOVE at all times. I love you unconditionally, and at all times, and that is what I have created you to do. There is no time that

Freely Given

I have freely given you all good things to enjoy, says the LORD.  It is My purpose to provision you and take good care of you as my beloved child, says the LORD.  Your faith and trust in Me at all times is valuable and pleasing to Me.  I will honor your faith and faithfulness.  I will honor YOU because

Illegitimate Soul Ties

I Am breaking off the illegitimate soul ties that you have created that were not ordained of Me, says the LORD.  You do not even remember them all.  Don’t even try to think about them. I know who and what and where and how and why, and I Am breaking them for My own sake, says the Lord. I am

Do Not Give up

Do not give up, says the Lord, for you good works shall be rewarded. The things that you have done in secret will be openly rewarded. I will not fail to give you a harvest that is plenteous, and none of your labors in Me will be wasted. I have reserved a blessing for your faithfulness, and I you will

Do or Die

You have been in what you call the “do or die” mode. You have said this about yourself and destiny. The pruning has been painful. The lack of growth difficult. It seems like things have deteriorated rather than grown. You have questioned, “How can these things be?” You have looked at the failed harvests and the drought and the wasted

I Give Seed to the Sower

I give seed to the sower, says the Lord. The seed is MY Word. I will speak My WORD within you and find-tune it so that you have clarity in this season. You have longed to hear My voice. You have longed for clarity. You have wanted to be sure that it was not the thought or desire of your

Don’t be Weary

Don’t be weary in well-doing, says the Lord. Do not give up. Don’t look at the scant harvest that you see or that you have gathered and say, “What is this?” Don’t ever say that it was not worth plowing. Don’t say that it was not worth planting. Don’t ever complain that it was not worth watering. Don’t say that