My Word Is in Your Heart

My Word is in your heart. Let it proceed from your mouth, says the LORD. Speak faith in Me and My Word. Speak My Word, and watch it work for you. For it is absolute. I will honor it and honor you as you declare what I have spoken. Arise and stand to your feet and declare that I Am

Open up Your Heart

Open up your heart and life completely and fully unto Me, and let Me come in, says the LORD. Give Me access to every room and closet and open every closed door. Do not let ME be a possessor of parts of you or give Me a room to dwell in. I Am not asking for an increase in you,

Cry of Your Heart

I have heard the cry of your heart and seen your tears. I know the sorrow of your heart and see the pain that you are experiencing. I Am not ignoring your cry. I Am fully aware of you and your need. I hear every time that you call upon My name. I Know every heartbeat in you. I SEE

I Am Touched

I Am touched by the very feeling of your infirmities, says the Lord. I see your pain. I know your sorrow. I understand your feelings. I feel your grief. I will walk with you through every moment and undergird you. I will hold you by your hand and keep you from falling. I will undertake for you. I did not

Heal Your Broken Heart

I will heal your broken heart and fractured life, says the Lord. I Am touched by the very feelings of your infirmity. I see and know and feel your pain, and I will comfort you on every side. I have not abandoned you, abused you, rejected you or inflicted pain upon you, but I will remove it from you. I

Good Is My Word

Good is My Word for you, says the LORD, for I Am good. Will you have an ear for the good Word that I have for you? I Am GOOD! My thoughts toward you are GOOD all the time. Will you listen to the GOOD NEWS that I want to convey to you or will you focus your attention on

Open Your Heart

Open, open your heart to Me, says the LORD, and I will come in. Open, open your life to Me, and I will orchestrate it for you. I will undertake for you. I will direct your path of righteousness in Me by My Spirit. I will undergird you, and I will hold your hand, and you will not fall. For

Seek Me Diligently

I will respond to the desperation of your heart, says the LORD.  For I will be found of you and act on your behalf as you seek for Me diligently with all of your heart.  Abandon yourself to Me in My presence. Come empty and desperate. I will hear the cry of your heart and move in your life. As

The Dictates of Your Heart

Follow the dictates of your heart, says the LORD.  For I Am the still small voice on the inside of you, and I Am speaking. I AM leading you. I Am guiding you continually. I Am for you and not against you. I Am with you always.  There is no time that I will NOT speak directly to you.  Just

I Am Healing Your Broken Heart and Fractured Life

He Heals the Broken Heart

I Am healing your broken heart and fractured life, says the Lord.  I want you to be whole.  The wounds of your heart are important to Me, and I Am the heart mender.  You have tried to conceal all your pain that is deep within, but as My Spirit scans the very deepest parts of you, I see the very things that you cannot even talk