Revival and New Life

I will not withhold the former and latter rain, as I pour out My Spirit upon you, and bring revival and new life to the nations, says the LORD. I will revive and restore you. You will be full of new life and vitality in Me, as I fill you with My Spirit to capacity and overflowing. I will set

Abundant Life, Blessings and Unspeakable Joy!

Forever I will be with you, says the LORD. My Love for you is everlasting, and I will never leave you. You are NEVER alone, never abandoned by Me, and never without My presence in your life. Trust that you are valuable to Me, and I will never put you in harm’s way! I will never tease you with unfulfilled

My Word is a Seed

My Word is a seed, says the LORD. I give seed to the sower, and bread for your food. You can trust that My Word is the bread of life, for I AM the living WORD. My seed is in you, and you are My offspring! What I do for you is LIFE GIVING, always. My Spirit is LIVE in

I Will Brighten Your Life

I will brighten your life, says the LORD. My light is in you and you will be filled with renewed strength. I will restore vitality in you as you cast all your heavy burdens that you have been carrying onto Me. I will cause you to be light hearted and joyful as you do. I will dry your tears as

Don’t Give up on Me

Don’t give up on Me, says the LORD, for I have not given up on you. Do not turn your back on Me, for I have not turned My back on you. Do not forget about Me, for I cannot and will not forsake you. You are ever before Me and My thoughts are continually good for you. Your Words

I Have given You Abundant Life

I have given you abundant life in Me, says the LORD. It is abundant NOW, not some day. I have given you abundant grace! I AM more than enough for you. You will not just get by with My grace and life in you, but you will have above what you need. I will give you even more as you

Turn Your Attention Aside

Am I Trusting God

Turn your attention aside from the things of this earth that are vying for your attention and focus on the eternal things of My presence and glory, says the LORD. For you need not be distracted and encumbered with many cares. The cares of this life will always exist, and I desire you to be care-free and liberated from coming

You Have Life in Me

You will not be a failure to thrive, says the Lord. For you have life in Me. You have renewable vitality and strength in Me. You are growing and changing as I feed you and quicken you by My Spirit. You are not an abortion and I will not abort My purposes for you either. They will all be fulfilled

Inexhaustible Source

I Am your inexhaustible source for all things that you need and desire, says the LORD. There is never anything that I cannot supply and there is never any limitations. I will not withhold anything good from you. I will not leave you out or leave you behind. There is no exception to My promise when I said, Whosoever will

Compound My Presence

I will compound My presence and power and glory and anointing in you according to your earnest expectation and pursuit of Me, says the LORD. For the river of My glory is flowing, moving, invading and far reaching. It is your choice. Choose to be enveloped with My glory. Choose life! Choose to swim! You do not need to be