Break Through the Darkness

I will break through the darkness and give you light, says the LORD and enlighten the path before you. I will secure you and show you the way. Do not look for things to happen according to your own thoughts, but let Me do according to My higher thoughts, as you entrust Me with your life and destiny. Trust Me

Break Through the Darkness

Light through window

I will break through the darkness and give you light, says the LORD. I will break through the your weakness and give you strength. I will break through your depression and give you joy that is unspeakable and full of My glory. I Am your ALL in ALL and I AM not sleeping on the job. I never slumber nor

I Am Light

I Am light in the very darkest corners of YOUR LIFE, says the LORD. You need not walk in darkness. You are a child of the day, not of the night. I have taken you OUT OF darkness and placed you into My kingdom of light. IT IS MARVELOUS LIGHT, says the LORD. There is NO Darkness at all in

The Day Will Break

Though the night seems to be long and dark and your vision is impaired and things feel bleak and you cannot see or feel your way through, though you are weeping and feel alone, take heart, says the Lord. The day will break, and you will embrace the light of a new day. Though hope deferred makes your heart sick,

I Am Light

I Am light, and in Me is no darkness at all. None. I have made you light. My light cannot be put out. It puts out darkness, says the LORD. My light in you is to put out the darkness around you. Darkness that you see and darkness that is so dense that it can be felt is subject to

Light and Life

I Am light and life in you, says the LORD! You are not walking in darkness, but in My marvelous light! Your path is not an obstacle course! It is not full of hills and valleys and curves! It is straight and narrow, clear and plain. I Am the Way! I Am the LIGHT, and I have given you light.

I Am the Light

I have made you light, says the LORD.  I AM light, and in Me is no darkness at all, and there is NO DARKNESS in you either.  Do not allow the darkness that is all around you become a threat to you.  It cannot extinguish My light that is upon you and in you.  Arise and shine!  Let My glory

Arise and Shine

Arise and shine, for I have Made you light as I Am light, and I radiate the bright countenance of My face upon you.  Yes, arise. Show forth MY light that is upon you even in the darkest corners of the earth. Let there be light that extinguishes darkness and despair all around you, says the Lord, for darkness does not