Quiet Yourself

Quiet yourself and hear what I have to say. For I Am speaking. Be still. Be still! Do not let the circumstances in your life move you. Be unshakable, unmovable, always abounding in My Work. For the lies of the enemy will not come to pass. Don’t pay any attention to them. Focus on the truth. I Am the Truth,

Silence Yourself

Silence yourself and every other voice that is vying for your attention, and come quietly into My presence so that you can hear My still, small voice that is speaking to you. Lose yourself in My presence and find Me. I Am speaking. I Am wooing you and drawing you to Myself. Come closer to Me. I want you to

Quiet Yourself

Quiet yourself and your thoughts and listen to My voice that is speaking on the inside of you, says the LORD. Turn aside from the illegitimate voices that vie for your attention. I AM speaking. I AM moving. I HAVE HEARD your voice, and I desire for you to hear Mine. I see what you are doing and every attempt

Eyes and Ears

I have given you eyes to see and ears to hear what I Am saying and what I Am doing, says the Lord. Listen closely to My voice on the inside of you and you will have clarity.  Open the eyes of your spirit and SEE plainly, says the Lord. For I will cause you to have vision. I will

My Voice

My voice, My Word that is in your heart and mouth will become tangible and be manifest in your life and the lives of others, says the Lord. For if you will SAY IT, then I WILL DO IT, says the Lord.  It is not the Word that is in your heart, but the Word on your lips that will become active

My Still Voice

Listen to the sound of My still voice on the inside of you, says the Lord. Listen and obey.  For I Am not shouting.  Quiet the external voices that are trying to get your attention and squelch out My voice on the inside. Be still and know that I Am God. I Am in the midst of you.  Do not

Look to Me

I will establish you in My kingdom as you follow Me and yield unto My will.  Do not look for your purpose and destiny. Look TO ME.  I will lead you into it one step at a time.  I have called and chosen you and placed you where you are.  Your highest hopes are wrapped up in Me, says the

Listen to the Good News That Comes from Me

Listen to the GOOD News that comes from Me, says the Lord.  I Am the author of good things!  The report that comes from My thrown is good, and I have a few good news casters, says the Lord. Remember that I told you to think on good things, for where your thoughts are, that is where you will go.