Life Changing Promises!

My promises to you are live changing, says the LORD.   I will stretch out My hands to you and give you multiple blessings that you could not even imagine.  For they will astound you. They will challenge you to a new level of greatness in Me.  They will lift you into new heights of My glory and you will excel

I Am a God of Miracles

I AM a GOD of miracles, signs and wonders, and I do not want this to be abnormal to you, says the LORD. Let it become your new normality, as you live in My presence and glory.  Sit in heavenly places with Me, a place of dominion and authority and power.  Sit with Me, far above the wickedness, dominions, principalities

I Am a God of Miracles

I Am a GOD of miracles, says the LORD. I ask you, what will you believe Me for? What will you expect Me to do? Who will you proclaim that I Am? What will you receive from ME? For there is nothing impossible. Absolutely nothing, if you will believe! There is nothing past the point of possibility with Me. It

Believe in Unusual Miracles

Believe ME for unusual miracles, says the LORD. Expect new signs and wonders that are not yet known. For I Am a supernatural GOD that will invade the natural realm and wow you with My power and splendor and glory, says the LORD. I will put Myself on display as I demonstrate My power in the midst of you in

Expect Your Miracle

Expect your miracle, says the LORD, for I Am a GOD of miracles, signs and wonders and there is nothing impossible for ME, says the LORD. Bring your impossibilities to Me. Bring your limitations to Me and lay them down at My feet, says the LORD. I have no limitations. Give Me the GLORY, for I AM the GOD of

I Will Amaze You

I will amaze you with the signs and wonders that I will perform in your midst, says the LORD. For I will put Myself on display for all to see. Nothing is beyond Me, for I have no limitations. The sky is not the limit. I created everything that exists, and I can certainly do something about it. I have

Unusual Miracles

I will do unusual miracles and release special signs in the days ahead, for I Am putting Myself on display. There is nothing too hard for Me to do. I Am opening up NEW doors for many to go through that are far beyond what you have asked or ever dreamed of. I Am releasing NEW avenues of provision that

Expect a Miracle

Expect a miracle, says the LORD.  Expect Me to work on your behalf.  Expect that I will hear and answer your prayers. Yes, have faith and trust in ME.  My love is a constant and not a variable. I will never change My mind about you. I love you always with unimpeachable love. I do not withdraw My love from

The Days of Miracles

The days of miracles, signs and wonders are NOT past, says the Lord.  Just as I have not changed, My will has not changed, My purposes have not changed, My mind has not changed and My Work has not changed, I have NOT changed My glory. I have not changed in My presence. I have not changed in My ability. I have NOT changed because times

Miracles, Signs and Wonders Are Part of My Kingdom

Miracles, signs and wonders are part of My Kingdom realm says the Lord, and when you pray, My Kingdom come, My will be done on earth and in your life as it is in heaven, you are asking for My presence, My Spirit, My power and My glory.  You are asking for the miraculous.  This is what I want you