Be Patient

be patient

Be patient, says the LORD. Stand straight and tall at attention and wait for My command. Keep your eyes upon Me and away from the enemy that is plotting evil against you. His advancements toward you will not be to his advantage. His plans will work against him and his strategies will fail. For I Am your Captain, and I

I Will Keep You on Focus

I will keep you on focus, on target and on time, says the LORD. For your times are in My hands. Your seasons are under My control as I have authored them. Do you trust that? Do you trust that I Am leading and guiding you? Will you trust in the steps that I order for you? For as you

Be Patient

be patient

Be patient, says the Lord. For it is not a hop, skip or a jump, but a walk. Take one step at a time that I order for you and be content with what I give you and what I ask you to do. Don’t try to figure out everything for your future, but let Me lead. Walk by faith

I Have Not Forgotten You

I have not forgotten you, says the LORD. I call you unforgettable. Though you feel as though nothing is happening and everything is at a stand still, do not fret. Your times and seasons are in My hands. You are not on a treadmill. Do not fret the process or the progress that seems to be at a stalemate. I

Wait for My Voice

Be patient, says the LORD. Wait for My voice to speak to you, and follow My lead. Patiently wait for Me to direct your path. Patiently wait for Me to work on your behalf. Do not do things in your own strength or try to make things happen that will only make things more complicated. I Am not leading you

Small Things

Do not despise the days of small things, says the LORD, for a seed is a small thing, and I have placed them in your hands. Though they appear to be dead and dry and hopeless, I will cause what yo have planted to germinate and grow. I will water them by My SPIRIT and bring the increase. DO not

Have Patience

be patient

Let patience have it’s complete and perfect work in you, says the Lord.  Do not try to force things to happen that you want fulfilled. Let Me develop you.  Let Me lead you. Let Me build you.  Let Me prepare you.  You say that you are ready and able, but I Am the one who knows what you need for

Rest and Wait Patiently Upon Me

Rest and wait patiently upon Me, and I will bring it to past, says the Lord.  I Am speaking of the desires of your heart.  You are ringing your hands again.  That is not trusting Me.  Do you want the controls back in your life, or are you giving them to Me?  When you had them all by yourself it

Do Not Be Discouraged

Do not be discouraged because of the trying of your faith, says the Lord.  You know that I will never allow you to be tested above what you are able to endure.  You may ask, “Why?  Why do I have to go through these difficult times?”  There is a purpose, says the Lord.  You cannot see it now, but it

Be Patient

Be patient, says the Lord.  This is not one of the virtues of My Spirit that you readily subscribe to, is it.  This is part of My character, and I am imparting it to you.  I know that you want to see everything clearly.  You want to understand everything.  You want to be free of the struggles.  You desire answers