The Way for You

I AM opening up the way for you, says the LORD, for I Am the Way. I Am activating and accelerating you. I AM removing the speed limits and you will be picking up speed. Do not look to the left or right, but keep your eyes fixed ahead, for I want you on the fast track and in the

Peace Beyond Anything

Let My peace that goes beyond anything that you see and hear and understand abide in you, says the LORD. Not only Am I able to calm the storms around you, but I desire to be your abiding peace. YES, I AM your PEACE. Without me, your best day will not be lived in the peace that I Am and

I Am Light

I Am light, and in Me is no darkness at all. None. I have made you light. My light cannot be put out. It puts out darkness, says the LORD. My light in you is to put out the darkness around you. Darkness that you see and darkness that is so dense that it can be felt is subject to

I Will Quiet

I will quiet all of your fears, says the LORD. I will quiet your soul within and I will give you rest. Be still and Know that I am GOD in the midst of you, and I will quiet the storm within you. I will give you peace that is abiding. I will order your steps. I will bring order

Peace Cannot Be Taken

Your peace cannot be taken away from you, says the LORD, for it is a gift from Me. It goes beyond the circumstance that are negative. It superintends any storms in your life regardless of their magnitude. It quiets the storms within you and brings a great calm. My peace cannot be purchased or earned, for I paid in full

Invading the Forces of Darkness

I Am invading the forces of darkness with My light, says the LORD. Even as My Spirit move upon the face of the waters in the beginning, and I said, “Let there be light,” and there was, My Spirit is brooding over the darkness of the earth now. It is a new beginning, says the LORD, for I make all

My Peace Cannot Change

My peace I give to you that cannot be extracted from you, says the LORD. As I Am your peace, and abide; the peace that I give cannot change with your circumstances. I remain the same, and My gift of peace remains unchangeable and unalterable. Do not allow the storms of your life to distract you and interfere with My

Trust in Me at All Times

Trust In Me at all times, says the LORD, for fear is not of ME. I did not author it, and it torments you. I Am your peace at all times, and your circumstances cannot destroy the unimpeachable peace that I give you. My peace will bring you into a quiet and confident place in Me, regardless of what is

Your Abiding Peace

I Am your abiding peace, says the LORD. No matter what is happening in your life, I will sustain you with My peace that never ends. It is not dependent upon your circumstances. My joy for you is unimpeachable. Regardless of the storms that are in your life, I will always be there to still them. BELIEVE that I will

Shadow of My Wings

I Am a covering for you as you abide under the shadow of My wings. I Am your shelter from the storms of life. I Am a shield from the heat of the day. I Am your place of safety always. I Am your peace. Come and find rest in My presence and glory, says the LORD. There is no