You Belong to Me!

     Tormenting fear does not come from Me, says the LORD.  I have tranquility and peace for you that goes beyond your understanding and far beyond your circumstances. They are not in charge of your life and destiny.  I Am.  I give you peace in the process even when nothing seems quiet and calm around you.  The storms of life

I Will Still the Raging Storms Within!

     I will still the storms that are raging within you, and give you My peace, says the Lord.  For I will calm your fears and refresh you as you turn your attention toward Me.  For troubling thoughts that plague your mind and cause you to fret are not your portion from Me.  My kingdom is within you, and it

Grace and Favor

     I will pour out My love upon you and mantle you with My grace and favor, as you come into My presence and receive all that I have for you this day, says the LORD.  You will never need to be unfulfilled.  You will never be dissatisfied with what I have for you.  I will give you an abundance

Abundant Joy and Peace!

I Am your healer, says the LORD.  You are not too difficult for Me. Do not look at the problems, but look up to Me.  For I created you, and I can surely take care of you.  I formed you in the womb of your mother.  What makes you think that healing is impossible with ME?  Consider this!   I know

I Will Build You Up!

     Your fears are not founded upon My Word, and they are not of Me, says the Lord.  Tormenting thoughts come from the evil one who desires to disrupt your peace and cause you to tremble in doubt and unbelief.  Do not believe his lies. Do not fall for his suggestions.  For he never has anything good to say

Quiet Yourself

perfect peace

Quiet yourself in My presence and I will speak to you, says the LORD. I have heard your voice as you have called upon My name. I have even scanned the hidden things of your heart and know your thoughts. I see everything about you and know every detail. I hear your prayers and have determined your future. It is

My Peace

Let My peace invade the raging storms that are within you, says the LORD. For I will give you a deep, settled peace as you enter into My presence and receive it. I Am your peace, and I will abide with you and sustain peace as you entrust Me with EVERYTHING! I said everything! There are no exceptions and no

Complete Peace

I will give you perfect, complete peace as you enter into it, by making Me your trust at all times, says the LORD. Do not fear. Do not doubt. For I Am trustworthy. You can trust Me to lead you and guide you continually. You can trust Me to take care of you. You can trust that I Am your

I Am Your Peace


If you desire peace, you have come to the right place, says the Lord, for I Am your peace that goes beyond all that you understand, feel and know. I Am your peace above the storms of your life. I will bring you peace in the midst of your emotional distress. I will give you peace when nothing is peaceful

I Am Your Advocate

I Am your advocate, standing in the gap for you, says the LORD. I Am your defense. I Am your helper that is not a silent observer. I don’t just sympathize and empathize, but I Am the solution. I Am the ever-present One who helps you. I will stand with you through the storms of life, to bring you safely