Choose My Counsel

Come and reason with Me and choose My counsel, says the LORD. Your human reasoning is inadequate, for it comes from the soulish realm. Choose My counsel which is higher. For the wisdom of this world is insufficient and if you follow what is right in your own eye or the eyes of others, it will be sensual and destructive.

The Dictates of Your Heart

Follow the dictates of your heart, says the LORD.  For I Am the still small voice on the inside of you, and I Am speaking. I AM leading you. I Am guiding you continually. I Am for you and not against you. I Am with you always.  There is no time that I will NOT speak directly to you.  Just

The Present Storm

I Am undergirding you so that the present storm doesn’t tear you apart and take you down, says the LORD.  It is My help that will keep you from destruction from the most violent winds of adversity.  Nothing can defeat you or destroy your destiny that is fixed in ME, says the LORD.  The monster storm is not bigger than

A Sabbath

I Am bringing you into a Sabbath of rest where you cease from your own labors and trust in ME.  I  is not by your own efforts or what you can do or how you can change things or how you can affect things, but ME, says the LORD. I am giving you new hope for those things you have

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

As I said, blessed are the peacemakers, I Am calling you to Make peace, says the LORD.  Make peace with your enemies.  Make peace with those who have betrayed your trust.  Make peace with those who have abused you.  Make peace with those who have wounded you, rejected you and spoken evil against you.  Make peace with yourself.  Make peace with your

Relinquish the Control

Relinquish the control of your life and the lives of those you love, and let Me control everything, says the Lord. Unburden yourself.  You know what the results are when you give Me your cares and then pick them back up again and walk out of My presence just as heavy as you were before.  Let GO of them!  If

There Is a River

There is a river whose streams thereof will make you glad. This is the peace that I spoke of that is like a river. I Am inviting you to come to this get-away. I Am not shouting and I Am not competing with all the racket that is going on around you. Just like this mystical river, I Am wanting to

Perfect Peace

perfect peace

Perfect peace comes only when you have perfect trust in me, says the Lord. You will only have peace in the areas of your life that you relinquish control of and give to Me. Why are you holding onto things that you cannot fix, change or control, I ask? Do you think that you have a better solution than I

You Are Precious in My Sight

You are precious in My sight, says the Lord, like a pearl of great price! I value you greatly. Those who belittle you and condemn you are coming against Me, says the Lord, for you are Mine, and I laid down My life for you! I have given unto you My best gifts, and I would not do that for

Take Authority

Lift up your voice like a trumpet, says the Lord, and boldly take authority over the storms of life that are threatening those that you love, and you.  Yes, I have given you this power and authority in My Name.   Use it, says the Lord.  Winds of adversity have not been sent by Me.  It is the enemy’s doing.  Do