Nothing Takes Me by Surprise

Nothing takes Me by surprise, says the LORD. Sudden storms do not throw Me off plan and you cannot be altered by them. My purposes stand. You will stand, for I will hold you up and keep you from falling. There is nothing that can shake you from Me, for I have you, rooted and grounded in My Word. My

I Will Make a Way for You

I will make a way for you where there is no way, says the LORD. For I Am good for It. You do not have to make a door or pound on one or try to crash through it. I Am the door. I will open the door for you and create the plan for you and will get your

Look Forward

Look forward, says the LORD. Keep your eyes on what is ahead. Move forward. Pick up your feet and walk in the lighted path that I have cleared for you. Step into the light! Step into your purpose. It is before you! It is NOT over. I Am not finished with you. You are not done! I have much for