Break Forth in Singing

You will break forth in singing, for I will give you a heart that is full of My joy and gladness, says the LORD. You will give birth to the NEW, and you will embrace it. Instead of a cry, you will hear laughter. You will rejoice in Me always and not have sorrow. It will be a joyful sound

Be of Good Cheer

Be of good cheer, says the LORD, for I Am giving you My unspeakable joy for your sadness. I AM giving you the garment of praise in exchange for the depression that has cloaked you. I will cause your heart to sing. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for the things of the past, the former things are NO LONGER! A

Rejoice in Me This Day

Rejoice in Me this day, says the LORD. REJOICE! This is a new day, and I have given you renewed strength. I have given you multiple blessings that cannot be numbered. Rejoice in My goodness. Rejoice and celebrate Me and the life that I have given you. The very breath of My Spirit is in you, My favor rests upon

Song of Praise

I Am giving you a song of praise and thanksgiving in the Night, says the Lord. Even as My servants Paul and Silas sang joyfully at the midnight hour with bleeding backs while bound in stocks in prison, I will give you a joyful sound. Let your voice proclaim victory instead of defeat. Let the sound of praise arise in

Faith and Trust

Why are you so fearful?  Where is your faith and trust in ME?  You are One with Me, hid in Me, enveloped by Me, undergirded in Me, founded in Me, and I am your covering, your sure place of safety, your security and your all in all, says the LORD.  I Am on your side, the One called along to

Sing onto Me a New Song

Sing onto Me a new song, says the Lord. Yes, let your heart and voice sing! Let the song of praise and thanksgiving flow out of you! I inhabit your praise. Let melodies of My loving kindness flood your very soul, for I Am magnified in the midst of you! My name is great! Sing of My wonderful love and

Every Day Is a New Beginning

Every day is a new beginning in Me, and one is not more special to me than the other, says the Lord.  My compassion is new for you every morning without fail.  My great faithfulness sustains you through every night and greets you every morning.  This is the day that I have created, and I say rejoice in it.  Yes,