Abundant Joy and Peace!

I Am your healer, says the LORD.  You are not too difficult for Me. Do not look at the problems, but look up to Me.  For I created you, and I can surely take care of you.  I formed you in the womb of your mother.  What makes you think that healing is impossible with ME?  Consider this!   I know

Multiplied Blessings

I will multiply your blessings and not subtract from you, says the LORD.  For I do not extract from you, but add. I  will not divide you and what I have given you in order to multiply you and your substance, as some naysayers may suggest. That is not of Me.  I do not cut you in pieces so that

Your Comforter

I Am your comforter, says the LORD, and your unspeakable joy even in times of difficulty. Come away from the sorrows. Come away from the pain. Come away from the negativity around you. Come away from the temptations. Come away from the darkness, even darkness that can be felt that is around you in the world. Come away from the

Your Resting Place

I Am your resting place, says the LORD. I Am that place of peace and serenity. Come and enter into My rest that awaits you in My presence. There with Me you will find tranquility. There you will find comfort. I will comfort you on every side as I embrace you and keep you close to My heart. Come and

Don’t be Weary

Don’t be weary in well-doing, says the Lord. Do not give up. Don’t look at the scant harvest that you see or that you have gathered and say, “What is this?” Don’t ever say that it was not worth plowing. Don’t say that it was not worth planting. Don’t ever complain that it was not worth watering. Don’t say that

I Am a God of Restoration

I AM a God of restoration, and I will restore you, says the Lord.  I will resurrect the dreams and the desires of your heart that you now deem as way past the point of possibility.  I Will do the impossible for you.  I did not say that I can do it; I said that I WILL DO IT!  I

It Is a New Day

It is a new day with fresh new vision, says the Lord.  You have been walking in darkness and defeat long enough. You have wallowed in depression far to long. The long night of your wrestling is over.  The dawning of the new day is upon you.  The freshness of My light and life encompasses you.  It is the light

I Will Restore the Wasted Years

I will restore the wasted years, says the Lord.  I will redeem the time.  Do not look back upon the failed harvests because of drought or pestilence.  The years that have been spent in vain, I will restore. I will cause you to produce such a harvest in the times to come that the years of failure will be forgotten.  Do not look back.  Do