Seek Me Fully

As you seek My kingdom and My righteousness first in your life, then you will have everything that you need always, says the LORD. Seek Me fully with your whole heart. Press into My presence. Do not visit Me! Live in My presence, says the LORD. Do not just seek My kingdom, for I have called you to come into

My Thoughts And Ways

My thoughts and ways are good toward you, says the LORD.  You are always in My hands and on My mind. I carry you in My heart.  I will cause MY greater thoughts concerning you to come to fruition, for AS I THINK, I SPEAK and I bring it forth, says the LORD. You are a tree of righteousness in

I Have Cleansed You

I have cleansed you and set you aside for My purpose, says the Lord.  I have redeemed you by My own blood.  You are holiness unto Me.  It is My righteousness that I have given you as I took your sin and removed it as far as the east is from the west, never to remember it against you any

Your Righteousness Is in Me

Your righteousness is in Me, says the Lord.  You could not earn it. I have given it to you by your faith in My substitutionary death on the cross for you.  I paid the complete penalty for your sins.  I gave you My righteousness.  It is My gift to you as you simply believe in Me and receive Me as your Savior and Lord. There was

I Will Answer You

God Answers Prayer

Call upon Me in your day of trouble and I will answer you, says the Lord.  Troubled on every side is only My call to deliver.  I will hear the cry of your heart every time.  Pray to Me.  Call to Me!  Look to Me for the answers to all your troubles, says the Lord.  I did not bring these