I Am Light in You

I AM light in you, says the LORD. I Am your salvation, your place of safety, your defense and your keeper that gives you everything that you need. I Am your all in all. There is none other beside Me. You can depend upon Me, for I Am unfailing. I Am with you always. I Am aware of all of

I Will Uphold You

I will uphold you with My own right hand, says the LORD, as I bare my holy arm against the enemy that troubles you on every side. I have sealed you with My Spirit and shielded you with My faith. I call you inaccessible as I surround you with My angelic forces of righteousness and light. There is no power

I Am Your Dwelling Place

I Am your dwelling place, says the Lord.  Yes, you are safe and secure in Me.  My goodness and mercy belongs to you all the days of your earthly sojourn, and you are unshakable in Me.  You are immovable in Me.  I Am that foundation that does not shift or sink.  You can stand upon Me without fear of failure or falling. I Am the one who keeps