Nothing Is Too Hard for Me

Is what you are going through too hard for you? Nothing is too hard for Me, says the LORD. As you walk in Me, walk in My light, walk in My Spirit, walk in My strength, walk in My Love and walk in My grace, walk in My faith, you will not become weary. You will not be overwhelmed. You

Breathe in My Spirit

Take a deep breath, and breathe in My SPIRIT, says the LORD. It is LIFE GIVING. It is empowering. For the winds of My SPRIIT are blowing and as I have brooded over the face of deep, the waters, I brought Life. I have healed them. I have brooded over them by My Spirit to bring life and vitality. LIVE

I Am Moving in You

I Am moving in you, around you and will move through you, says the LORD. Agitation is not aggravation. My Spirit in you is MOVING, it is stirring within you and taking away the stagnation. Let it come up out of you as a well-spring. For I desire the springs of LIVING WATER to bubble up and burst out of

Depths of My Spirit

I Am calling you into the depths of MY SPIRIT, says the Lord. Too many are walking on the beach, viewing the waters, breathing in the sea breezes and picking up empty shells of what was once alive and vibrant. This is not what I want you to do. Many others get their feet wet, but never go further. Some

Hidden Treasures

Go deeper so that you can go higher, says the Lord. Dig deeper and discover the hidden treasures in My presence. For they will be unveiled to you…the mysteries revealed that have been hidden. The secret things will be uncovered as you spend time with Me in the secret place where you will not only find Me and hear My

Be as I Am

Be as I Am, says the LORD. Follow Me. Let My Spirit overwhelm you and overtake you. Lose your identity in Me. Let Me absorb you in Me. Let Me cover you and flow out of you. For I want to be seen and heard as you become on earth as I Am in heaven. I desire to give you

I Will Never

I will never ask you to do something that I have not equipped you to do, says the LORD. NEVER. I will never give you an assignment that you cannot fulfill in Me by My Spirit. I will stretch you to believe in Me. For if you could see everything and do everything and be everything that you see as

By My Spirit

Be my Spirit

By My SPIRIT, says the LORD. BY My power. By My presence. By My Word. I will effect. I will penetrate. I will move. I will work. For My Spirit is irresistible. My Spirit cannot be stopped. My fire cannot be quenched and My will cannot be undone. I will not be dictated to, and there is no power that

Fill You with My Spirit

I will fill you with My Spirit as you press into MY presence and seek Me with all of your heart. Come into the secret place with Me and spend time with Me in worship, says the LORD. Draw closer to Me, and the times of refreshing will come. Bask in My presence and lose yourself in Me. You will

Release the Power

Release the power of My Spirit that is within you, says the LORD. Let My power flow out of your innermost being. Let it spring forth. For I have empowered you to make a difference in your region and around the earth. I have assigned you to be a witness of Me. I have placed My Word in you. It