Signs and Wonders

Signs and wonders will follow those who believe, says the LORD. I will release them to those who BELIEVE in ME and My power. It is My desire to manifest My glory in the midst of you. It is My desire to pour out My Spirit in your life. I will do it for all who will press into My

More than Enough

I AM the God of More than enough. I go far beyond sufficiency and need. I do not desire to give you just enough to survive, but I have released the abundance. I want you to excel in Me, says the LORD. I Am a GOD of excellence. I Am a GOD OF MORE! There is no ceiling or walls

Move of My Spirit

There is a move of My Spirit coming. It is coming and it will break forth throughout the Land, says the LORD. I will move in great power and glory with the fire of revival. It will burn in the N, S. E. and W, beginning in pockets of revival and spread until they connect, for I will move by

Arise and Shine

Arise and shine, says the LORD.  Let My glory be seen on you as you bask in My presence as Moses My servant did. His face was aglow with My Spirit and radiant light.  He was not in a hurry to leave Me.  Don’t be in such a hurry.  Do not settle for a mere glimpse of MY face, says

No Longer Bound

I have loosed the bands and fetters that have kept you bound, and opened the prison doors and set you at liberty, says the LORD. You are no longer bound. You are free. Walk out of the darkness and the depression and the encumbrances of the enemy and walk in My light that is before you.  I have set you free

Season of Refreshing

I will bring you into your season of refreshing, says the Lord. You have even wearied yourself this season, and things are about to shift.  I want you to enter into My rest that I have prepared for you in My presence. It is not the inactivity that I Am speaking about: it is My easy yoke and light burden. You have struggled

The Sound of My Spirit

There will be a sound in the earth, says the Lord.  It is the sound of My Spirit moving through My people.  Let the sound of My Spirit move upon you.  Let the winds of My Spirit move in the midst of you as I create and do a new thing.  That which I pour out will be poured into

I Am Pouring out My Spirit upon You in This Season

I Am pouring out My Spirit upon you in this season, says the Lord.  You have cried out to Me for more, and I said, YES!  Yes, I will fill you with My Spirit.  Yes, I will satisfy the thirst that you have for Me.  Yes I will fill you to overflowing, and this is what you will minister from. 

My Face Is Not Hid from You

My face is not hid from you, says the Lord.  You are not a stranger or foreigner to Me, but a valued citizen in My kingdom with all the saints.  My throne room is your rightful access.  Come boldly.  You are at home in My presence as My child.  I have given you the keys to My kingdom with all

The Winds of My Spirit Are Blowing

The winds of My Spirit are blowing, says the Lord.  They are moving things, changing things, bending things, reshaping things,  effecting things to align with My kingdom purposes.  Yes, My Spirit is moving upon you as you feel the gentle zephyr winds refresh you and give you peace.  My Spirit is coming gently and softly like a breeze in Springtime.