New Strength

As you wait on Me, I will give you new strength, says the LORD. As you trust in Me, you will have great peace. For I Am trustworthy. I Am dependable. I cannot fail, and I will not fail you. I will not leave you to fend for yourself, for I will help you as you cast all your care

Be Strong in Me

Be strong in Me says the LORD. You are not emaciated but powerful in Me. You are not defenseless and vulnerable to the strategies of the enemy. For his devices will not defeat you. His plots will be foiled, as you put Me on, says the LORD. Yes, walk in Me! Put Me on! I have already defeated the dark

You Will Not Slip and Slide

You will not slip and slide, says the LORD, for I will hold you up with My own right hand, and you will not stumble and fall. I will keep you steady on you feet, as you lean on My strong arms rather than the arms of the flesh. I Am your reality, and with you always, not as an

Your Strength Is in Me

Your strength is in Me, says the LORD. All of it, not some. It is not a physical strength for you to rely on, but by My Spirit in you that empowers and energizes and revitalizes you daily. It will spill out of you and over you and renew your youth, says the Lord. I Am the strength of your

No Weakness in Me

There is no weakness in Me, says the LORD. Though you feel weak, know that it is not about what you can do in your own power or what you can be or what you can change or what you can impact. It is about ME. I Am not only with you, but I Am within you. I AM the

I Will Renew Your Strength

I will renew your strength as you wait on Me, says the LORD. Come as you are. I will lift you up. I will revive you. I will refresh you. I will give you the new wine that makes your heart glad. Though you feel depleted, you can come to be refilled with My power and become revitalized and energized

Walk in My Strength

Walk in My strength, says the LORD. For you cannot stand in your own. I will take you by My own right hand and keep you from falling. I will keep you steady on your feet and cause you not to stumble. I Am with you to secure you, to support you, to strengthen you and help you, says the

Your Strength Is Renewable

Your strength is renewable in Me as you wait upon Me, says the LORD. Waiting is not worrying. Waiting is not working things out on your own. Waiting is not wailing. Waiting is not being stressed out. Waiting is not trusting in what you can do, what you can see, what others can do or what resources that you have.

Your Cares

Hurl your cares onto Me, for I will carry all of them that you allow Me to handle for you, says the LORD. They are not too heavy for Me, and you need not shoulder the weight of them. They bog you down and keep you from moving into the realm that I want you to be in. I desire

Renewable Source

I Am your renewable source of energy and strength, says the LORD. I cannot be depleted and what I have for you is alive, inexhaustible, moving, flowing, penetrating and radiating life and vitality into you constantly. I Am your abiding strength. I Am the One Who enables you to do all things. I didn’t create you to just coast, but