Stop Looking at Numbers

Stop looking at numbers, says the LORD. You do not have to calculate your success by what you can count or what you see, or what others can see. Stop looking at the forms and formulas of man that makes comparisons as they chart the ups and downs, levels and predictions. That is not a scale that I want you

Times of Refreshing

The times of refreshing will come to you as you turn to Me with all of your heart and pursue Me with all of yourself, says the LORD. Turn around. Look intently upon ME, for I want your full attention. Do not look to the world for fulfillment, for you will never find it there. I Am longing for you

Negative Mindset

Cast down every negative imagination and thought that is contrary to My promises, says the LORD.  What conflicts with My word is a thought that did not come from ME, but the enemy, your accuser.  Do not side with him.  Get rid of the negative mindset that stifles you and paralyses any productivity in ME.  Do not look at the