Wisdom and Counsel

I will give you wisdom and counsel that you need in every situation, as you come to me and ask, says the LORD. For My wisdom goes beyond that of any other, and it will seem foolish to the wisdom of man. But it will WORK for you! I will show you the astounding, and although others will role their

You Will Not be Moved

  As you seek Me and My kingdom and My righteousness, and make that your pursuit and priority, I will give you satisfaction, says the LORD.  I will satisfy your mouth with good things.  I will satisfy the longing of your soul.  I will satisfy your indebtedness, as I teach you wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  I will illuminate the path

I Will Give You My Wisdom

I will give you My wisdom just for the asking, says the LORD. You are not without good counsel, for I Am your counselor. I do not give you a list of options for you to choose from, but I always show you exactly what you need to do. I Am faithful to you. I will not ignore the cry

Nothing Is Too Hard for Me

Nothing is too hard for Me to do, says the LORD. NOTHING! Absolutely nothing! For I Am Almighty. I Am never too late! I Am never oblivious of what is going on, and I Am NEVER absent. You can depend upon My power! You can rely upon My Wisdom! You can KNOW that I AM in the midst of you

The Wisdom of Man Is Foolishness

There are absolutes, says the LORD. Forsake the mindsets of man, shed the doctrines of devils and forsake the illegitimate counsel of mere man and run from his philosophy. For the wisdom of man is foolishness to Me. It will become useless to you and you will discover the weakness and ineptness of the ideas and ideals of man and

There Is Nothing Hidden

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and the deeper things of My Spirit that are hidden in you, my beloved bride, shall be revealed, says the LORD. They shall come to surface as they are released out of you. For My Spirit of wisdom and revelation is within you. It shall erupt out of you in abundance

You Are Making Progress

path to god

You are making progress, says the LORD, and I Am setting things in order for you. I am clearing the way for you in the path that I have created for you to follow. I have enlightened the way for you and removed the obstacles so that you will not stumble or fall. I have taken you by the hand

New Wisdom

I will give you new wisdom, strategies and counsel that will cause you to prosper, as you listen to My still, small voice on the inside of you. You will even dream solutions that will amaze you. I Am vying for your attention. I have the plan! Prosperity and health is not your idea; it is Mine. I desire this

Wisdom Comes from Me

Wisdom comes from Me, says the LORD. I Am the all-wise GOD and I will give you wisdom freely if you ask Me for it in unwavering faith. For My wisdom is superior than what the wisest man can offer. By My wisdom I formed the universe. I created all things that exist. I created you, and nothing is difficult

Order Your Steps

I will order your steps in Me, says the LORD. I will lead you and guide you with My eye. You do not have to be concerned about the pace, for I have your times and seasons in My control. Every step that you take is planned and has purpose to further you toward your destiny in Me. I will