Continual Blessings

You are blessed coming in and coming out, says the Lord. I Am the source of your continual blessings. I Am with you wherever you go and whatever you put your hands to do, as you fully yield to My voice on the inside of you and allow Me to direct your path. I will give you My spirit of

Receive It Now

I Am giving you the Spirit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, says the LORD.  Receive it now by your complete faith and trust in ME.  I Am no respecter of persons, and have not cast you aside.  What I have freely given you, belongs to you.  You are My entitled child, and all that I have is yours.  I have

I Am the First and the Last

I am the first and the last, says the Lord.  I Am the beginning and the end.  I Am the One Who began a good work in you.  I Am the One Who will finish it.  Let Me be the first responder in your life.  Yes, call upon Me in your day of trouble, and I will answer you.  I

Keep Your Eyes Fixed on Me

Today I Am guiding you with My eye says the Lord.  I know where you are, what you need and how you feel.  Oh, do not become overwhelmed by the external forces that are endeavoring to control you!  Keep your eyes fixed on Me, says the Lord, for I Am watching over you. The enemy will do anything he can