Choose Life in Me

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Choose Life in ME, says the LORD. Choose Me. Choose to serve ME. Choose to believe in Me. Choose to follow Me, For I Am, and there is no other GOD. I will not fail you and I will not harm you. I will not withhold any good thing from you, says the LORD. I Am the LORD of glory. Trust in Me. Will you believe and trust in Me? I have created all things and I have created you. You are My workmanship, says the LORD. I do all things well, and when I made you, I did not make any mistakes. I will complete everything that I have begun in you and perfect that which pertains to you, says the LORD.

I never will forsake you, and I will not let you be unfinished or unfurnished. There is nothing that you need that I will not supply. TRUST ME! TRUST that I Am YOUR GOD! Believe that you are favored by Me. I Am your portion. It is a goodly amount, and you are not forgotten or denied access to Me and My provision. I have no favorites. Your life is important to Me and I value you greatly. I will keep you day and night and bless you as you Make Me your choice. Let Me be the Lord of everything in you life and give Me your all, for as you give everything to Me, then I will take your everything and make it into something spectacular and far in excess what you could do with it. I will make you a success in Me as you give your entire self and life to me and let Me use you for My glory, says the LORD.

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