Do or Die

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You have been in what you call the “do or die” mode. You have said this about yourself and destiny. The pruning has been painful. The lack of growth difficult. It seems like things have deteriorated rather than grown. You have questioned, “How can these things be?” You have looked at the failed harvests and the drought and the wasted years of many failed harvests and have asked, “What is going on?” You feel that you are standing on the Line….not knowing how to proceed or what to do next. You have given your all. You have sown and you are sorrowing. The heat of the day did not burn you up, but as you labored you did not reap what you had sown. You are asking, “NOW WHAT?”.

But this is what I say, says the Lord. Your destiny in Me and your kingdom purpose has NOT changed. I change not. The original plan is the only plan, and MY purpose for your life is not stagnant or unstable. You feel that everything is on the line and all is at stake in your personal life and ministry and destiny. As you push forward the enemy seems to keep pushing you back. When growth had occurred, Lopped off again. But I say that the best is yet to come. The harvest of all your labors will come bountifully. I say that you are in the DO mode, not the die. Though you feel like your destiny and purpose and yourself is a failure to thrive, I say, NOT SO. You shall not die, but live and declare MY WORKS. You are in the DO mode. I will carry you over the line and past the barriers and beyond your expectations to not only prevail and produce and proceed forward, but to receive and give. You will not fail. My plan and purpose in you has NOT failed. You did not see or hear wrong. It lies ahead. LIVE, says the LORD. Live in the power of MY SPIRIT. LIVE for the divine appointments that I have prescribed for you. LIVE to see the fullness of your destiny in Me. LIVE for the vision that I have given you. PUSH, says the LORD. PUSH through the darkness into My light. Push through the uncertainty. Push beyond the doubts and the fears and the impossibilities. Push into your destiny in Me with the faith and trust that I have given you to use. The best is yet to come, and the harvest will NOT fail. Your labors are not vain in Me and you will reap a harvest of all your labors for Me and NOTHING has been wasted, says the LORD. I say DO. Do trust in ME and DO wait on ME and Do stand in unquenchable faith and DO go forward with great confidence that what I said is so. What I birth will not be aborted. WHAT I DO, you will DO. This is a DO mode, for you are NOT done and I am NOT done with you, and I will perfect every gift and ministry and am Perfecting YOU. I Am preparing you for the very best harvest and you will not be disappointed, says the LORD. DO DO DO, and move off the line toward your full
kingdom destiny and purpose in ME, says the LORD. For it will surely happen, and you will LIVE to see the harvest of your own labors in Me and I will take care of everything in your life and bless you abundantly with the fullness of your greatest heart’s desire and dreams come true, say the Lord.

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