Don’t be Weary

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Don’t be weary in well-doing, says the Lord. Do not give up. Don’t look at the scant harvest that you see or that you have gathered and say, “What is this?” Don’t ever say that it was not worth plowing. Don’t say that it was not worth planting. Don’t ever complain that it was not worth watering. Don’t say that what you see was not worth the cultivating, the watching, the waiting. What you see and what you hold does not contain all that I have produced from your labors, says the Lord. For I will give you a harvest that is fitting of your labors for Me. I will give you a harvest that is ongoing. There will be endless fruitfulness because you have faithfully stewarded what I have given you in the field of your labor. I Am the husbandman, and Lord of the harvest, and you will reap what you have sown. I will see to it. Your labor is not vain in Me, says the Lord.

I will cause you to be fruitful even in the land where you have been bound. I will cause you to reap even in hostile territory, says the Lord. I will cause the precious seed of My Word to germinate even when it seems to have become dry and dead. My Word is alive and life giving. I will cause it to bear much fruit. The harvest will be plenty, says the Lord. Even the years that were unproductive will be restored, for I AM FAITHFUL, and I will reward you for all that you have done for Me and shortly the garners will be full and you will sing the songs of the reaper, though you shed the tear of the sower in the last season, says the LORD.

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