The Enemy Cannot Defeat You



You are not the same, though.  You have gained experience with knowing that the enemy is already defeated.  You have experienced time and time again My divine intervention.


The enemy cannot defeat Me, so he cannot defeat you, says the LORD.  The enemy is already defeated.   Many times you have experienced My divine intervention in the past when you even wondered if the difficulty would ever end.  But those times did not destroy you. They strengthened you.  You gained experience in all the trying of your faith, knowing that you could depend upon Me. I never failed you, ever, and I will not fail you now.  You have endured hardness as a good soldier in Me, and your patience


You wondered at times in the past when those trials would end, and they came to an end, and you gained not only the victory, but gained ground.  You matured in your faith.  You became stronger.  So do not weaken yourself by wasting time railing at the evil one.  Just let your requests be known onto Me, and use the faith that I have provided you.  Hold fast to your confession of faith without wavering, for I Am not movable.  I cannot be shaken by the treats of the enemy.   Turn away from the enemy; turn toward Me, and you will soon count this present trial as a historic event that you will look back; and as you do, you will see that My hand was upon you the entire time, that I was standing there, defending you, helping you, holding you up and fighting with you for the final victory.  Keep your eyes on Me at all times, and know that your hope in Me is not empty, but full of My faithful promises that I will cause to suddenly come upon you and overtake you as I crush the enemy under My feet, and give you those things that you hoped for and trusted Me for, says the Lord.

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