Glory and Grace

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I am the LORD of glory and grace, says the LORD. I AM the unspeakable gift that I give you. Yes, I give you Myself. I give you My Spirit. I give you My anointing. I give you My joy and peace. I give you great pleasure in My presence. I give you great and exceeding, precious promises that I keep, says the LORD. I give you all that I AM, all that I have, and the fullness of My kingdom and My power and MY glory, says the LORD. I give you everything pertaining to My life and light. There is nothing missing and nothing that you need that I have not already released and supplied. What I am, I give. What I have is yours. My kingdom and My power and My glory is what you have by My SPIRIT, says the LORD.

I have given you My Holy Spirit to lead and guide you continually. I have given you MY COMFORT and JOY that cannot be extracted from you, says the LORD. For what I give is yours, and no power can rob you of ME. No force can separate you from My unimpeachable love and mercy and grace, says the LORD. It belongs to you! I have empowered you for life and living. Come and receive of the gifts that I have reserved for you at the table of My presence, says the LORD. For all that I have for you is good and all of your needs are already appropriated and awaiting you there. Come and receive what I have released for you! Eat and drink of the abundant supply and become fat and full of My blessings, says the LORD. I have given you everything, and you will never lack any good thing, for all is yours and all everything that I have for you is good, says the LORD.

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