My Grace and Glory


I Am giving you My grace and glory, says the Lord. Yes, my grace is sufficient for you.  It is abundant.  You do not have to earn My favor.  You do not have to earn My infallible, constant love.  I love you because you belong to me, and that will never change. I change not!   I love you when you obey Me.  I love you when you do not.  Would you stop loving your child if he did not obey you?  I always love you unconditionally, says the Lord.  I always forgive you!  My grace for you covers it all because of My blood that was shed for you!

Didn’t I say even while you were a sinner, I died for you because of My love for you?  How much more can you depend upon Me to lovingly, constantly care for you as My own child?  There is an endless supply of My grace for you, says the Lord. Just use your faith to receive the Who that I Am in your life.  Faith in Me saves you, says the Lord.

I will fill your being with My glory, says the Lord.  Yes, My glory will be seen on you.  My glory will be in you.  My glory will flow out of you and change the very environment around you.   In My presence is grace and glory for you continually.  Just come.  Receive My unspeakable, unimaginable, unimpeachable gifts of grace that entitles you to receive every promise, every answer to your prayers and your highest heart’s desire, as you put your faith and trust in Me.  Pleasure forevermore is in My presence as My free gift of glory engulfs you.  I Am your Father God, and all that you need, all that you desire, all that I have, I give to you freely, because you belong to Me, says the Lord

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