My Grace Is Sufficient for You


My grace is sufficient for you and My strength is make perfect and complete in your weakness, says the Lord. I Am the strength of your heart; I Am the strength of your life. Even as My word declares, “Let the weak say, ‘I am strong,” you are strong in Me and the power of My might, says the Lord. Yes, you are strong in Me, for in Me is everlasting strength. You are not on your own. I Am the God that heals you. It is not a partial healing, but complete, for as your strength is in Me, so shall your completeness be in Me. There is nothing left undone in you, says the Lord, for you are My workmanship. You are created by Me and for Me. My unearned, unmerited favor will see you through the present season that you are in, says the Lord, and I will bring you to your desired end. It is My own hand that holds you up and keeps you from falling. You will not fall. I will see to it that you stand straight and tall through the storms in life, because I did not author them. Nor did I author discouragement. I did not author failure. I did not author hopelessness. I did not author discouragement. Your hope is in ME, who will put you over in life, says the Lord.

Your assurance and security is in Me, says the Lord. Everything that you are and ever shall be is wrapped up in the sufficiency of My grace. Every good and perfect gift that you have received from Me is because of MY grace. The work has been done by me concerning you, says the Lord. So take courage. Take courage. Your strength is not small, because I Am your strength. Keep your eyes upon Me and do not focus on the difficulties. As you look to Me to be your sufficiency in all things, you will find that nothing will overwhelm you, because it cannot overwhelm Me. I will sustain you through the times of uncertainty. I will keep you steady and secure in ME at all times. This is not too hard for you, for it is not too hard for Me, says the Lord. You are not too difficult for me, and I will always be with you to help you in every time of trouble as you receive of My inexhaustible strength that will always cause you to triumph in Me, says the Lord.

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