Hold onto My Hand


Hold onto My unfailing, unchanging hand that is not short concerning you.  For I have saved you for My higher purposes and preserved you for My glory, says the Lord.  I will fill you with My presence and glory and light and life and power and Spirit and unimpeachable joy, and give you far beyond your highest heart’s desire.  For it is a delightsome land where I Am leading you, and you will never look back and say that the best was behind you.  I will fulfill you completely, says the Lord.  It is just ahead. Trust Me.  I will do it, for My promises will be realized by you. They will be manifest soon.  Come up, up, up and away with Me in My presence, My beautiful, My lovely child whom I have purchased for My own with My own blood and the finished work of the cross.  Come up into the heavens and out of the darkness and ascend into My glory.  Come away from the cares of the world, My beloved.  Come away from all the demands that are placed upon you.  Come away from the fear, doubt and unbelief.  Come away from the darkness into My marvelous light.  Abandon your sorrow and receive My gladness.  Come into My pure joy as you relinquish the days of mourning and sadness, says the Lord.

Let a song arise in your heart and let the sound of high praises be on your lips.  Rejoice in Me.  Rejoice!  For I will renew your mind as you think upon Me.  I will renew your strength as you trust in ME.  I will renew you, says the Lord.  I will cause you to run and leap for joy.  The weariness will give place to the energizing of My Spirit.  I will restore comforts to you as you bask in My presence.  For I Am the Almighty God in the midst of you, and By My mighty hand and by My mighty power I will lift you and restore your soul as you press into My presence and remain fixed in Me, says the Lord.

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