I Am Protecting You


I Am protecting you with My walls of fire about you, and My glory within you, says the Lord. Look to Me as a place of safety always, says the Lord. I will never leave you nor forsake you. The enemy is not in charge of your life and destiny. I Am. I Am the one who wrote the script, and I will finish it, says the Lord. You are in My Almighty hands, and you are secure in Me. I have ordered the steps that you take that I have prescribed for your life. They are that which I have designed and desired even before your birth. You are within my constant thoughts and heart, says the Lord, and My thoughts are good thoughts concerning you. They are beyond your imagination. I only have the best in store for you, and you will receive My best gifts, says the Lord. Just take them by faith. They belong to you.

There is no time like the presence to press into My glory. For didn’t I just tell you that My glory will be in the midst of you? Just press in and feel My presence that will more than sustain you. It will carry you. It will thrill you. It will fulfill you. I have already granted your highest heart’s desire and the enemy cannot destroy or steal or kill that which I have authored. You will possess the best of your personal promised land as I lead you and guide you toward it and the fullness of My blessings that I have for you. Trust that I Am protecting you and trust that My glory is within you, upon you and will flow out of you in a powerful way. The enemy cannot encroach My glory and all is well within My presence, says the Lord. All is well. All is well. All is well, says the Lord.

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