I Have given You the Keys to My Kingdom



Fear and doubt come from the enemy.  Condemnation comes from Him.  The guilt that you feel that keeps you from fellowshipping with Me and obtaining every daily benefit is not of Me.  I have fully forgiven and cleansed you from all unrighteousness as soon as you embraced my provision of cleansing.  You are clean through My Word, through My shed blood on the cross, through My Spirit that dwells within you as you receive it by simple faith in what I have accomplished for you. It was not your effort or works that entitled you, but MY WORK ACCOMPLISHED for you.  Take what belongs to you.  See yourself as clean.  For what I have cleansed, let no man call unclean. I have cleansed you, and you are clean, says the Lord.  The keys are yours.  You do not have to war for what belongs to you.  You have to war against the enemy that is running interference.  Don’t cry out to Me to give you what I have already released.  Cry out to Me for help to receive what is yours, says the Lord. I will send My ministering Spirits to war with you as you contend for the faith that I have delivered unto you.  Fight the good fight of faith, for I Am on your side and with you always to see you break through the enemy garrisons and come to the wells of My salvation, healing, deliverance and provision and freely draw out what you need.  Yes, you are an heir of all things and have the keys to every blessing and benefit that I have freely given you, says the Lord.

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