Move of My Spirit

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There is a move of My Spirit coming. It is coming and it will break forth throughout the Land, says the LORD. I will move in great power and glory with the fire of revival. It will burn in the N, S. E. and W, beginning in pockets of revival and spread until they connect, for I will move by My Spirit once again, and the harvest will be plentiful. I have only begun to move. It will begin as a small flame, and seem insignificant, but I will fuel it and fan it with the oil of My Spirit and the wind of My SPIRIT, and the Wind of My Spirit will not only fuel the fire, but cause it to spread. It will be an unquenchable fire, for nothing will put it out or keep it from spreading, says the LORD.

I will restore the years of drought and failed harvests, and cause there to be a Mighty Move of My Spirit that will sweep across the nation and the World. I Am coming for My bride that is spotless, and I will make her ready, says the LORD. I will adorn her with righteousness, and beautify her with My glory. I am placing a jeweled crown on her head and she will be glorious, says the LORD. I will NOT be mocked, and the harvest that I said is plentiful, will BE. I will pour out of MY Spirit upon all flesh and sweep across the land in great power. My church cannot be contained in the walls made of bricks and mortar, and will not be able to be contained. I WILL SWEEP through the land in great power and glory, and the church will not be in a building, but flow out of MY people, and they will bring in the harvest with great unspeakable joy, says the LORD.

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