My Promises Are Unimpeachable


My promises are unimpeachable for those who will receive them by faith, says the Lord.  I cannot change.  My Word cannot change.  It does not change because of times and seasons. It does not change because of your circumstances.  It does not change because of persecutions.  It does not change because of any assault against it.  It remains the same, yesterday, today and forever, even as I do, says the Lord.  My Word contains My promises, and I have sent My prophets to speak a clear and now word to you.  Listen.  Believe.  Receive.  For My word will not return void or unproductive onto Me.  It will accomplish what I have sent it forth to do for you as you release your faith. I release My promises within My Word for you.  Heaven and earth will pass away, but My written and declared and decreed Word will not pass away. It will accomplish in your life what it was sent to do.  I will see to it, says the Lord.  BELIEVE!  Believe My Word. Believe in Me as your Lord and God and so shall you be established.  Believe in My  prophets and so shall you prosper in that which I sent: My infallible, undefeatable, NOW Word for you, says the Lord.

Let My Word dwell richly in your hearts and become what it decrees, says the Lord.  Let faith arise in your heart.  For as your faith arises, so shall My Word arise and bring forth the fruit of it in your life.  Faith comes by hearing My recorded and NOW sent word for you.  BELIEVE AND RECEIVE.  Hold fast to it and do not let it go!  My promises are written and spoken and done for those who embrace them, says the Lord.  WILL YOU BELIEVE TO RECEIVE what I have authored for you, says the Lord.  For nothing can stop me from giving you the desires of your heart except your lack of faith and trust in Me.  I have spoken it and I speak again and again.  Even My word is written upon the tablets of your heart!  It will come forth in fulfillment as you meditate upon it, speak it and remember My Word.  Remember that I watch over My Word, I hasten My Word to perform it for you. I sent My word and healed you and delivered you from all destruction, and healing is in every area of your life as you BELIEVE and RECEIVE all that I AM and all that I have spoken onto you, says the Lord.  My promises are yes and so be it to those who believe.  BELIEVE!  Will you believe?  Believe in ME and My unimpeachable promises for you, says the Lord and receive the fullness of the blessings that I will pour out upon you, in an unstoppable and unimpeachable way, says the Lord.

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