My Promises


My promises to you are unimpeachable, says the Lord.  I will perform everyone of them to the fullest extent.  I will not go back on My Word.  As I have said, so shall I do.  I will honor My Word, even as I honor My great name.  Remember the promises that you have embraced and hold fast to your confidence in Me, says the Lord. For surely they shall come to pass. I Am a doer of My Word, says the Lord.  Keep the faith.  Keep your eyes fixed upon Me and My Word.  Believe that what I said is so. As far as I Am concerned, it is already accomplished, for I am ever present.  I know the beginning from the end, because I AM THE BEGINNING AND THE END.  Nothing is delayed in Me, says the Lord, for it will unfold just as I determined it to do, all the time.  Do not become bitter when things do not go your way, but rejoice that My will is being accomplished in you. DO not view delay as denial.  I Am a YES God and a SO BE IT, God.  I will do what I promised in My time and IN MY WAY and there is no power that can stop Me and I am not hindered by anything or anyone, says the Lord.   Trust in ME at all times, says the Lord, for I know the things that I have freely given to you, and I will reveal them to you says the Lord.

Separate yourself from your fear and anxiety and doubt and press into My presence where you will find rest.  Abandon yourself to Me.  Let My Spirit fill you with My faith and love and joy.  Let My high praises be upon your mouths that proceeds out of your heart.  Let Me cause your heart to sing as you activate our faith and trust in Me.  My blessings are incalculable and inexhaustible.  As you focus your attention on Me, fear will dissipate.  Faith will arise within your heart.  Love will not be dormant.  Joy in Me will flow and change the atmosphere around you. Yes, sing praises onto Me and worship Me just as if you held the promises in your hands.  Be that confident that they are on their way and you will embrace your dreams and experience the breakthrough that you longed for.  You cannot be gloomy and pessimistic and have faith and confidence in Me at the same time.  So choose to be joyful in Me, says the Lord, your promise keeper.

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